Why I Hired a Virtual Assistant

So it was earlier this year that I heard a fellow coach talking about hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA). I remember thinking how that sounded nice, but noticing all of the things that came up for me.

“Is this really the way I want to spend my money?”

“They won’t be able to do it as good as me.”

And my personal favorite, “I can do it myself.”

Fast forward a few months, and I started to realize that any money I was going to put into my freedom, my business, and my happiness, was money well spent. That, my time, and really the energy I was putting into tasks that didn’t excite me, that were bringing me down and costing me far more in my business than I realized, was worth so much more than any dollar value I could place on hiring someone to help me. That, really, I (including my sanity!) was worth much more!

So, I share this story with you not to brag or show you how “well” I’m doing, but really, to open you to four potentially-new ideas:

1. It’s not just about the money.

So many times when we look at hiring someone compared to doing it ourselves or hiring someone else, we make price the most important factor. We fail to look at other factors. This can look like, for instance, when choosing someone for their price, maybe their price reflects their knowledge or lack there of, which could mean potential aggravation in the long run. In the situation where we decide to do it ourselves, yet we’re not doing work that we love, it’s important to notice what energy/emotion/vibration doing this kind of work puts us in and how that impacts how we feel, our ability to manifest what we want, and the message we’re putting out. I.e. – I’m not worth spending money on, which guess what’s going to be reflected back to you? This leads me to #2.

2. You’re worth it.

Truthfully, I have an old pattern of believing I’m not worth spending money on, and the more I invest in myself, the more I realize that it’s not about the money at all. The more I invest in myself, the more I realize it’s about me. It’s about me believing in me. It’s about me valuing me. And, most importantly, it’s about me loving me. Investing in a VA was really all about this.

3. You can ask for help.

There, I said it. Historically, in the past, I’ve had a hard time asking for help. I’ve thought I could do it on my own and really that I needed to do it on my own. And the more I tell the Universe that I want help, and really that I need help, the more people show up for me, because guess what?! I’m showing up for me! Show up for you. It may surprise you.

4. It doesn’t have to be perfect and there is no one right way.

Our childhood and school programming can really condition us to there being only one right answer and that it has to be perfect. The more I go through life, the more I realize this is just not true! There is no one right way. There is no perfect. There is only something working and it not working. And, you know what?! It can work in a lot of different ways! All you have to do is let the Universe know you are ready to let go:

To let go of control.

To let go of perfection.

To let go of your need to do it all!

With that said, will you let go of your old ways with me?