A Different Take on Your Life Purpose

When we come here on the physical plane, we get so accustomed to thinking about our life purpose as our career. It’s almost like we get into this mindset that this is the only thing we came here to do as a being, but what if our life purpose isn’t necessarily what we came here to do in a work function at all?

For me, I’ve always thought of life purpose as your biggest area for growth, with it falling into one of five categories. While it can fall under career, it can also fall under spirituality, health, relationship/family and abundance/money.

What does that look like? While you have many things you’re driven to do in a variety of the above, there will likely be one of those categories that calls to you the most or that you struggle with the most. It’s important to note: other areas will definitely call to you, but it’s been my experience that there’s one that really calls to you, one where if you don’t accomplish it, your life won’t feel complete. It’s not to say that this is always the case, but many times it is.

So how do you begin to identify this, if something doesn’t come to you automatically?

1. Take some deep breaths to help clear your mind.

2. Begin to ask some questions. This may include questions like:

What have I always desired? If I could have anything, what would that be and/or look like? Is there a burning question I’ve always had?

3. Just listen. What comes in that is wanting your attention and to be heard?

Hopefully the above helps take the pressure off of the ever-elusive “life purpose”, so that you can really open to the true you.

And, if you’re wanting to take a deeper look, I find one of the most helpful things in connecting to your soul’s messages and life purpose is peeling back what’s not you. If this is the case, don’t hesitate to contact me for my Complimentary 30-Minute Discovery Session.