The key to all of life

So, it’s been quite some time since I last wrote, and truth be told, I’m going through a massive upgrade that has been both exhilarating AND intense. And, while I will be sharing more about this in the coming months(!!!), I am realizing the key to it all relies on one thing—how I’m relating to every moment and every thing.

It can often be easy to get caught up in focusing on what we’re wanting or working towards, or even, just getting by or getting through the day, but the key to living in and into the moment, and with this, higher relating, is simple and involves two things:

Presence and trust. 

Really take this in for a moment. If you were more present in every moment, with every person and every thing, how would your relationships, including your relationship to the moment AND your environment, change?

Now, add to this idea, trust. If you trusted that every moment was unfolding exactly as it was meant to, how would how you showed up in relationships and in every moment change?

These are deep questions and truths, but I am realizing more and more that our quality of relating holds the key to life. If you question this, all you have to do is step back and realize every. single. thing. is a relationship—whether it’s with yourself, another, the moment, your environment, nature, even time or money—all of it is a relationship and if you upgrade your quality of relating to every thing, everything in your world upgrades with it.

Powerful, right?! And yet, where does one begin?

First of all, it starts with beginning to notice your level of presence and trust, getting really honest with yourself. With this, really be willing fo notice this and explore where you may have missed the moment, maybe because you were in your head, on your phone or not in your body. Then, we must be willing to bring more presence and trust to the next moment. Then, the moment after that. And so on. After all, the present-day moment is all there is. 

That being said, if you’re wanting to dive deeper into this concept to start to look at the quality of your relating, I am offering an opportunity this week for us to explore this on a complimentary call.

On this call, as part of this, we will explore your deepest desires in your relationships as well as what’s holding you back from these in your life. After all, if one way you’re relating in your relationships is that you don’t know what you want, can’t have what you want, or can’t be (or don’t know how to be) your true self, how can you ever be able to fulfill your deepest desires, especially knowing that the Universe responds to truth, not only when we are honest with others, but when we are honest with ourselves. 

With this, know, I am a stand for your greatest relationships and life, and I am here to support you in creating this, as I believe we should all have everything we’ve ever wanted and desired, no longer settling or even living in the “good,” which so often stops us from choosing to seek the great.

If this is speaking to you, you can use the link below to book your call:

With this, know, I genuinely can’t wait to support you and explore deeper relationships and relating with you. HELL YEAH.

Last, but definitely not least, wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving and start to your holiday season. Know I am extremely grateful to have you here, and I wish you the kind of relating that creates presence, trust and peace this season and in every moment beyond.

To powerful relating for deeper connections and moments—always,

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