When Flow Comes to Town

Ok, so now that I’ve got your attention :), let’s talk about the other flow.

The flow I’m talking about is when magic, miracles and synchronicities keep showing up. You set the intention to move towards something and the Universe “high-fives” you.

For me, this appeared most recently when I got guidance to leave my house. Yes, I was literally guided to leave my house! (What can I say – I just really enjoy spending time at home!) The gist of the guidance was if you leave your house, we will bring the magic in!

And boy has the magic been coming in! Everything from free events and parking (what I call parking “car”-ma ), finding a $20 bill at my feet (Yes, I’m literally getting paid to go out!) and even stage time at The Groundlings Comedy Club in LA, which most people train 6+ years for and has hosted some of the top comedians in the world

And, I believe everyone’s meant to be in this kind of flow.

So, what’s the secret to flow?

Simply put, it has to be something you’re aligned with.

And, when I say alignment, to be clear, it may or may not be something you desire to do, but it is in your highest good. For me, I wasn’t craving to leave my house, but it was definitely in my best interest.

As part of this, it’s important to note what flow does and doesn’t look like.

In my experience, when I’m in flow, what I’m doing feels light and smooth. Now this isn’t to say that it’s always easy or you don’t run into challenges. The difference for me, though, is it feels like the energy is moving versus there being an invisible brick wall up. (I.e. – The Universe is having an invisible temper-tantrum.)

Also, when I’m in flow, like the above example, The Universe “hell-yeses” (i.e. – rewards) me. And, when this happens, I take the time to take it in, enjoy it, express gratitude and laugh, of course.

On the opposite end, there have been times when I’ve gotten a bit off track and anything but was happening. For me, the key here was to take a second to breathe (as opposed to moving forward on auto-pilot, which can be easy to do) and just tune in that something wasn’t quite right. 

As soon as I’ve stopped and tuned in, I’ve been able to shift the energy, step into a new flow, allowing everything to change.

Will you join me?!

To your time of the month (and the time of your life!),