Should “Popularity” Matter to You as An Adult?

Finding Connection Without Taking Sides It’s been decades since I was in high school. Since leaving, I had forgotten about the popularity paradigms that plagued most awkward teenagers throughout their adolescent years. Yes, since then, occasionally I have been pressured to drink when I haven’t wanted to, and on a rare moment, I see people seeking to be, look and act cool. But, really, I haven’t given it much thought since I was 17. That is, until I went on a trip to Ecuador, paired with a bunch of strangers, ranging from ages 17 to sixties plus. At first it […]

I had a dream about Kevin Bacon the other night…

No, not that kind of dream. No, in this dream, I was coaching Kevin. When I woke up, two things really stuck for me: First, if I can coach Kevin Bacon, I can coach anyone. After all, that guy knows everyone! (If you’re not familiar with the reference, check out “Kevin Bacon – Six Degrees of Separation”.) And, the bigger, more important piece: Dream bigger. Many times we rule out certain possibilities or don’t even consider them because they feel too big. But, everything is possible, if you believe it to be so and take action accordingly. And, while I […]

(VIDEO) Can you be honest AND kind?

I wanted to share a video I did on Periscope for my first Truth Talk Tuesday called, “Can you be honest AND kind?” This is a truly important topic to me, as I think we’ve been conditioned from early on to believe it’s not safe to be honest. And, while this can be true, there’s definitely another way! In this video, I talk about: –    Why we have a hard time being honest –    How honesty and kindness can co-exist –    How to shift when you’re angry (and kindness is the farthest thing from your mind!) –  […]

The never-ending story

Recently I’ve been thinking about the stories we tell ourselves. Not the kind you find in fairytales, but the kind of stories we grew up with. To clarify what I mean, let’s look at what this looked like when you were a kid and what this looks like now. As a kid, if you grew up with a family full of doctors or lawyers, you may have been inclined to become a doctor or lawyer. Or, if you grew up in a neighborhood where everyone got married and had kids, you may have taken that on as your story. As […]

We have to believe we are magic

This past week I had the opportunity to fulfill a childhood dream I didn’t even realize I had. You see when I was growing up I was a huge Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta fan. From Grease to Two-of-a-Kind to everything in between, I watched, sang and danced with them and, with that, stepped into the world of magic, miracles and more. You see, when I watched and listened to them: I believed in the power of love. I believed that things would work out. I believed in the happy ending. And, I hadn’t fully realized the impact of this […]

Setting yourself up for success in the New Year!

Hello and Happy Holidays! With the start of the New Year, I’ve been thinking a lot about what the next year holds, and while I don’t believe in resolutions, I do believe in having goals and constant forward movement towards my desired outcomes. What have been the keys for me to not just setting, but actually achieving my goals for big success? 1. It’s always the perfect time to set a goal. I know, historically, we’ve been trained to set goals, (i.e. – resolutions), only at the beginning of the year. But, in my experience, any time, not just the […]

Do you worry a lot?

As many of you know, I travel a lot, and many times, these travels involve car rentals. In one of my recent travels, I arrived late at night, it was raining and I was in a hurry to get to my final destination. That being said, I didn’t pay too close attention to the vehicle that I was renting, which is very unlike me. In any case, I was coming out of the store the next morning and noticed a dent, not a scratch, but a dent, in the car. Eeek. To make a long story short, while I rarely […]

Consciousness at 92

My grandpa knows very little about the work I do. Shifting and clearing someone’s energy to help them create a new experience doesn’t mean too much him. Nor does consciousness or releasing emotions to raise your vibration, but he’s living proof you can always choose. You see it was several years ago when my grandpa lost his frontal vision to macular degeneration. He woke up one morning and the vision in his right eye was skewed. He went to the eye doctor and was diagnosed. Over the next three years, his sight began to shift until one day he was […]

When Flow Comes to Town

Ok, so now that I’ve got your attention :), let’s talk about the other flow. The flow I’m talking about is when magic, miracles and synchronicities keep showing up. You set the intention to move towards something and the Universe “high-fives” you. For me, this appeared most recently when I got guidance to leave my house. Yes, I was literally guided to leave my house! (What can I say – I just really enjoy spending time at home!) The gist of the guidance was if you leave your house, we will bring the magic in! And boy has the magic […]