The Magic of Being in the Open Space

The magic of sitting in the open space isn’t talked about enough. In fact, it’s not really talked about at all. 

For me, I first learned of this concept from one of my teachers, John Wineland.

I was at an intimacy retreat, and he had us practicing saying out loud to a partner, “I’d wait for you forever.”

This practice was meant to help practitioners wanting to be more in their feminine to practice no longer settling in and out of partnership along with always needing to do all of the work for their partner, either because they didn’t trust they’d do it or because they didn’t trust their partner would do it right, so instead, they’d just do it for them. 

While I’m not sure how aware I was of it at the time, I now realize this practice was one key to rewiring my ability to sit in the open space, not only in partnership, but in all areas of my life, instead filling the space with solutions that just aren’t right.

Right now, I’m using it for another area outside of relationship, and while I face moments of utter discomfort on what’s going to happen in my life, most of the time, I am excited for this open space, and really this time of the unknown. 

In fact, it’s helped me to realize another aspect of how much I love the unknown and how wired I am for it.

That being said, if you find yourself not trusting in some area of your life, and you’re desiring more and not to settle, I highly recommend this as a practice. 

To do this, multiple times, simply say out loud, “I’d wait for you forever.” While, again, when I initially did this, it was oriented around not settling and leading in my partnership, this can also be used around your job or income as well as finding the perfect house, car, you name it. (Important to note: If you are doing this around a partner, and you have a specific partner in mind, feel free to see them in front of you, saying this directly to them.)

Then, as you do this, first, let go of needing to do all of the work for your partner (if this is why you’re doing this), or alternatively, practice not settling in an area of your life that you previously would have settled in because you would have felt uncomfortable being in the open space and unknown. 

After this, notice what changes. Do you see them automatically doing things that you normally would have to ask for? Do you find the open space gets more comfortable, or maybe even, exciting?

Finally, know it is possible to rewire this part of you to find excitement and adventure in the unknown, knowing as I am finding in this time, that the open space was always for you.

To the adventure of the unknown!

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