What Causes Our Patterns and How to Heal Them

I work with a lot of women who come to me with things they are wanting in their life. This can include everything from attracting their love partner to making more money and everything in between. And, the one common thing I see is, while they have a strong desire for what they are wanting, they are subconsciously stopping this from occurring because of patterns and pain they’ve taken on and experienced in their childhood. Let me explain. Say, for instance, you are desiring a love partner. You may even have no difficulty meeting men. Unfortunately, though, the men you do […]

The biggest thing that’s stopping you from having the life you want

The biggest thing that’s stopping you from having the life you want I’ve been working on a Pattern-Breaking Group Program, and as part of this, I’ve been thinking a lot about patterns. And, I’ve come to realize that the biggest thing that is stopping us from having the life we want is our patterns. So, first of all, what is a pattern? A pattern in the way that I define it is a set of behaviors, beliefs, emotions, blocks or energies that keep recurring over and over in your life. One super common pattern I see is settling for less […]

Why All of the ‘How to Get a Guys’ Aren’t Getting You Anywhere

How to attract your soulmate

How to Attract Your Soulmate Have you ever noticed all of the articles and programs targeted to getting a guy? Me too, and what I’ve realized is they’re not getting us anywhere. Why is this you might ask? Because they’re focused on the wrong thing. Let me explain. Many times, these articles and programs focus on what you need to do to get the guy, so he’ll want you more, so he won’t leave, etc., etc., etc. But the truth is, if you’re focusing on the guy, you’re not focused on you. And, focusing on you, is how you attract […]

Where my past and future meet… in Vegas

How to Make Difficult Decisions It was about a week ago at my folk’s house in Vegas. I received an extremely juicy proposal from my coach to spend time walking, playing and sleeping amongst wolves at a wolf sanctuary with a group of people who inspire me (to put it lightly). I felt my heart light up, and I just knew I had to do it. Then I saw the date – it was the same date as my girlfriend’s wedding, a wedding that I had already committed to. It was definitely quite the conundrum. So, I had a difficult decision […]

I’m rubber, you’re glue

It wasn’t too long ago. I was traveling and was boarding my domestic flight with a bit of a full bag, and while I hate to be the person trying to stuff their oversized luggage in the overhead compartment, the thing I dislike more is checking my luggage. On this particular flight, as I was doing this, there was a woman giving me a dirty look and smirking at me, which she did several times. And, as I got off the plane, I thought of the saying we used when we were kids, “I’m rubber, and you’re glue. Whatever bounces […]

I have a confession to make…

I think it’s time I told you something, and I hope you don’t hold it against me. 🙂 You see, I watch The Bachelor. Phew. I’m glad that’s off my chest. Seriously, though, while it is my one TV guilty pleasure, I got into it years ago before I started doing this work. So, now, even though I’m attuned to the energy behind it, I think there’s a lot it can teach us about ourselves, and with the ending of this season, there are some insights I wanted to share with you. After all, everything is an opportunity to see […]

Go Ahead, Use It!

In our world, we like to define things as good and bad. We get a promotion or lose weight, it’s good. We get in a fight or our flight gets cancelled, it’s bad. And while I totally get this, I want to propose to you something different, so instead, I ask: What if everything, even the bad, is good? (Where do you think the saying “It’s all good” comes from? Lol.) Let me explain. When I say good, I’m talking about what if everything that’s happening, even the things we like to define as bad, is in our highest good? […]

Love is in and on the air!

With the upcoming holiday, I wanted to send out my most recent Periscope Truth Talk Tuesday on Love! In it, I talk about: – What truth looks like when you’re single and/or dating – My Truth Experiment in Dating – What’s important to look at before you get back together with your ex – What scarcity can look like around dating As well as some unconscious patterns you might have around this! You can watch my most recent video below and join me live on Periscope every Tuesday @deborahacker! Also, if you haven’t already and you like the above Periscope video […]

Are you holding back?

There’s something I’ve been noticing for quite some time that I want to share with you. It’s about how we give love. Most of us give it like it’s a limited resource or like it’s a million dollars we’re giving away. We reserve it for the special few and only after it’s truly been earned. But my question to you is why? Love is free. It’s a high-feeling emotion that feels really good and the more we give out, the more we get back. So, with all of that being the case, why do we treat it like it’s the […]

What does love equal to you?

With Valentine’s Day coming up, love is on everyone’s mind. For those with partners, it might look something like, depending on where you are at, “Am I with the right one?” and for those who are on their own, it might be, “When am I going to meet my partner?” and “Why aren’t they here yet?” (For those of you happily married, good for you! Keep reading, though, as this post may still apply to you or even how you show up for others!) I am hosting a class in Chicago about really “Living Our Love Life”, and it got […]