Why I’d Rather Not Fit In

Be Different

I wanted to share my story with you around (not) fitting in, in hopes that it can inspire you in some way.

So, first of all, let me start off by saying, I’ve always wanted to fit in.

Growing up, had this been my reality, it would have translated to having tons of friends and being considered “popular” (whatever that is, lol) and to always having a date to every dance. This was not the case for me, though, as I was mainly awkward and weird and always liked to do things differently. (I even remember my high school gym teacher telling me so, when I would request to do different exercises than the ones she was leading.) Looking back, what I realize now is I always felt like an adult in a child’s body. I even remember pretending that something was gross, funny or icky, just because everyone else thought it was. It didn’t help, too, that I had to grow up really fast, with my parent’s divorcing at an early age and my mom passing away before I had even graduated high school.

As I went into college and then adulthood, this translated to my next version of this, which included picking friends who valued being “cool”, which translated to many adventures, which was definitely aligned with my truth, but also meant a fair amount of drinking, which wasn’t aligned for me. (In college, I remember trying to get into beer, just so I’d fit in. It didn’t work! (Me liking beer, nor fitting in. :)))

So, as I started to make this transition to what was actually true for me, I fought it a lot. For years, I was seeking approval and to fit in with certain people that I thought were cool, were authority figures in my life or whom I perceived had their lives “together”. The voice in my head sounded like, “What will so-and-so think?” and “Maybe I shouldn’t do that because it sounds nerdy, dorky, weird, strange, (fill in the blank).

Of course, I now realize that no one has all of the answers and really, that there is no perfect life. Why would you want one anyway? After all, it’s in the struggles and challenges, not out of them, that make us as individuals, and even better, where more joy is waiting to be revealed, if you can stick with them long enough to allow it to unveil itself to you.

So, fast forward, as I’ve made (and I’m still making) this journey to truly letting go of all concern of outer appearances and all need for outer approval, I feel free and liberated. I thought I’d be isolated sharing all of me, but the truth is, the “right” people, which I define as people that are open and can love and hold all of me, are coming into my life.

I’m no longer contracting, hiding or pretending that I came here to fit in, which if you feel any version of this in your body, it doesn’t feel good. I proudly represent the space of the “not”, where me just being me helps another see a place where they’re out of congruency in their own life, and most importantly, I’ve seen me just being me help liberate others.

If this calls to you, I’ll hope you’ll join me in taking a stand to NOT fit in, as the world needs more people being 100% themselves!

To being honest and truly free, first with yourself, and then the world,

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