The biggest thing that’s stopping you from having the life you want

The biggest thing that’s stopping you from having the life you want

I’ve been working on a Pattern-Breaking Group Program, and as part of this, I’ve been thinking a lot about patterns.

And, I’ve come to realize that the biggest thing that is stopping us from having the life we want is our patterns.

So, first of all, what is a pattern?

A pattern in the way that I define it is a set of behaviors, beliefs, emotions, blocks or energies that keep recurring over and over in your life.

One super common pattern I see is settling for less than you desire and deserve in your life. Many times, most of us aren’t even aware of this, as we can just assume this is how life is meant to be.

A couple of examples of how this shows up in our jobs and relationships include just going through the motions in these areas, even though your hearts not into it and not asking for what you desire, deserve and are worth. So, that might look like settling for less money than you desire and are worth in a new job or accepting how your boyfriend is treating you, even though it doesn’t feel good.

So, now that you have a better understanding of what a pattern is, why is recognizing and undoing your patterns so important to success in all areas of your life?

Recognizing and undoing patterns is the key to living from your truth each and every day.

Why is this?


So, what does living your truth, and really, being true to you really mean? Aren’t we already being our “true you”?

In general, most of us walk around thinking we are living a life that is true for us. After all, we’ve decided on everything from our daily choices (clothing, food, activities) to bigger pieces like our career, relationships and where we’re living.

BUT, if your parents had the expectation you would be a doctor or lawyer, so that’s the path that you decided to take, even though you’re more creative, is that really true for you?

AND, if you grew up in a family where it was expected that you got married and had kids, again, is that really true for you?

EVEN DEEPER, if in one moment, you asked your parents for something, and they said no, and in that moment, you internalized that you would always hear no when you wanted something or maybe even that you don’t know what’s right for you, and you’ve been playing out that paradigm in every area of your life since that moment, is that really true for you?

TAKEN ONE STEP FURTHER – Take the above and imagine thousands of moments like that in your childhood where hundreds of subconscious and unconscious conclusions were made, that you are now walking around with in your everyday adult life creating over and over, and it’s no wonder why we find ourselves lost and confused and why our bodies feel so heavy. After all, that’s a lot of luggage to be carrying around (that’s not even yours!)

So, how do we get on the path to identifying our patterns and how can identifying these change everything?

Let’s start with the benefits.

Clearing your patterns helps you become a POWERFUL MANIFESTER and connect to your INTUITION. The results I’ve seen in my work include:

  • SOUL PURPOSE: Connecting to your soul purpose. (I’ve seen this happen in as little as a couple of weeks of working with a client.)
  • ABUNDANCE:  Tons of abundance! (Think tens of thousands of dollars!)
  • LOVE: Amazing, Conscious Love Partners & Relationships! (Yes, there are tons of good guys out there! You just have to raise your vibration up to attract them.)
  • HEALTH: The undoing of years of health problems, everything from migraines to back & knee pain.

And, while there are no guaranteed results, in general, you are likely to feel more calm, clear and peaceful and to be in the present moment more often. Even more powerfully, I’ve regularly seen this work raise a client’s happiness baseline to be happier daily.

So, how do we begin to identify our patterns?

One simple thing you can do is check in around things that are happening in your life, and ask, why is this is happening? Many times, this simple question, and really opening your awareness and consciousness, can help you start to see your patterns clearly and to shift your perspective.

For example, you might notice you’re hearing no a lot. If this is the case, it’s good to tune in and ask, “Why is this in my field right now?” It might be to show you that you are out of alignment, and it could be because you have a pattern of being rejected, likely from when you were a child.  As you start to notice these patterns, it’s important to connect to the little child that lives within you that doesn’t want to be rejected, is scared of being rejected, or even deeper, somehow being rejected makes her feel comfortable or safe, to name a few possibilities of why this keeps showing up. Then have a conversation with her about what she is scared of and allow any emotions that surface to release.

And, if you’re ready to really dive deep into your patterns, I’d love to have you in my Live Your Truth Pattern-Breaking Group Program. In this program, which is for women who are truly ready for change, we will focus on the top patterns I see with my clients. You’ll leave feeling lighter, in your power, ready to take massive action!

For more details and to apply, head here, and if I can support you in any way, please don’t hesitate to comment below.

To living your truth and breaking your patterns!


P.S. – Interested in working on your patterns on my radio show? Next Wednesday, September 7th at 3 pm PT/6 pm ET, you’ll have the chance! Simply call 1-800-930-2819 for live support from me!

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