Why All of the ‘How to Get a Guys’ Aren’t Getting You Anywhere

How to attract your soulmate

How to Attract Your Soulmate

Have you ever noticed all of the articles and programs targeted to getting a guy? Me too, and what I’ve realized is they’re not getting us anywhere.

Why is this you might ask?

Because they’re focused on the wrong thing.

Let me explain.

Many times, these articles and programs focus on what you need to do to get the guy, so he’ll want you more, so he won’t leave, etc., etc., etc.

But the truth is, if you’re focusing on the guy, you’re not focused on you. And, focusing on you, is how you attract anything into your life, including a man.

So how do we begin to do this?

1. Start asking yourself, “What do I want?”.
Many times we can get focused on pleasing our partner, but one of the best (and most attractive ways) to change our old conditioning of being focused on getting or keeping another is to focus on you and your needs.

2. Be yourself.
As part of focusing on yourself, being yourself is important. What does this look like? It means not holding back what you desire to ensure someone else sticks around. This includes expressing these desires to your partner, instead of just saying what they want to hear. How many times have you been out on a date or in a relationship and been scared to say something because you thought they might not like you? And, where is that a reflection of something you aren’t comfortable with within yourself? Loving yourself and all parts of you and then being willing to share these is a crucial part to our re-wiring and attracting love. After all, if you don’t love you, how can you expect someone else to?

3. Clear your relationship patterns.
This last one is a big one. First of all, what is clearing? When I say clearing, I’m talking about energy clearing, and energy clearing helps take the energy off of patterns you took on from your childhood that, in this case, keep you attracting the same type of person in your present day world. As part of this, many times, our old conditioning is what stops us from being ourselves, but this old conditioning is what also keeps us focused on the wrong thing. I’ve helped women clear everything from the type of men they’re attracting to the paradigms they’ve set up once they’re in relationship. Choosing and moving into your true truth, (and even just identifying what’s not true), is what changes everything.

And, if you’re ready to clear the old relationship patterns that keep you stuck and focused on the wrong things, let’s talk. Click here to find out more about my coaching and to apply!

To the right focus!