Go Ahead, Use It!

In our world, we like to define things as good and bad.

We get a promotion or lose weight, it’s good.

We get in a fight or our flight gets cancelled, it’s bad.

And while I totally get this, I want to propose to you something different, so instead, I ask:

What if everything, even the bad, is good? (Where do you think the saying “It’s all good” comes from? Lol.)

Let me explain. When I say good, I’m talking about what if everything that’s happening, even the things we like to define as bad, is in our highest good? What if having a better, really a good experience all the time, is just about reframing how you look at the experience?

This could be applied when a flight gets cancelled to meaning more time to read, more time with family or more time to catch up at work at the airport, depending on the circumstances. Applied to a fight, it could mean the opportunity to grow closer to someone by sharing what really came up for you. (I am about truth, after all! :))

And, even bigger than reframing (which is definitely a good first step), how can we use everything that’s happening to help show us more of ourselves?

Let me explain what I mean by this. Recently, I was overcharged for a course I was taking. Now I’m in the general habit of always asking, “Why is this in my field?”, but my initial, “unconscious” reaction was to want to send a strong email “fighting” it. Unfortunately, though, it was over the holidays, so they didn’t issue a refund right away. The longer it took them, the more frustrated I got. I finally decided I would do the inner work and really look at what this was there for to try to shift my outer experience. One of the “unconscious” energies that popped up that I hadn’t realized I had internalized when I was a little kid, was that getting money was always going to be a fight. Shifting this unconscious conclusion immediately shifted the response I received.

So, with that, I want to propose to you two things.

1) Can you shift how you perceive things and stop putting things in boxes as good or bad?

2) Can you begin to use everything that comes in your field to allow you to see more of yourself and to shift what’s on the inside to create a more “positive” outer experience?

If nothing else, at least, this will make the experience worthwhile, so you won’t have to keep getting the lesson.

Comment below on where you will apply/(or have) applied this in your life!

2 thoughts on “Go Ahead, Use It!

  1. I am learning that my family is just part of my entire world and being; with this “big” awareness, I am able to make more sense of the messages I receive because they come from all over, not just from my little group of 4 men (young & old)

    1. Hi Kim! You are absolutely right! Messages are coming from everywhere, and they are always for our benefit, if we choose to see it as such. Thank you for sharing your awareness!

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