Where my past and future meet… in Vegas

How to Make Difficult Decisions

It was about a week ago at my folk’s house in Vegas. I received an extremely juicy proposal from my coach to spend time walking, playing and sleeping amongst wolves at a wolf sanctuary with a group of people who inspire me (to put it lightly).

I felt my heart light up, and I just knew I had to do it.

Then I saw the date – it was the same date as my girlfriend’s wedding, a wedding that I had already committed to. It was definitely quite the conundrum.

So, I had a difficult decision to make.

Do I keep my word and choose my friend’s wedding or do I follow my heart’s desires, my knowing and really the energy of my future?

People that know me know how important my word is, and in the past, I’ve always chosen from this. But, I knew this was an opportunity to make a new choice.

I knew this was a chance to tell The Universe what I wanted more of and what I was truly prioritizing. I knew this was a chance to choose me over obligation. I knew this was a chance to choose my future over my past.

And, while it wasn’t easy by any means (I hate letting people down and really was excited for my friend’s future.), I leaned into my future and told The Universe exactly what I wanted to experience more of.

With this, I want to ask you a few questions and plant a seed:

What do you want to experience more of? What are you saying yes to? And, is what you’re saying yes to aligned with the future and relationships you’re wanting to create in your life?

I’d love to know! Comment below and if I can support you in any way to re-align and re-create your life, head here and let’s chat.

To full alignment!