Where are you dangerous?

The other night I was having dinner with a friend and the question, “Where are you dangerous?” came up. At first, it took me a bit aback. There was something about the question itself that felt dangerous, something that when the question itself truly landed in me, scared me a bit. This was understandable, too, as it’s easy, and really, safe, not to think of our lives in this context. After all, we’re all doing the best we can in any given moment, and most of us are conditioned to move away from things that scare us, or are even […]

Being Invisible and Hiding Out

hiding out

Hiding out and playing small are patterns. And you can break them…via @DeborahAcker Click To Tweet Do you ever feel invisible in your world? Maybe you’re playing smaller than you desire to and are hiding out from the work you know you’re meant to do in the world and stepping into the biggest version of yourself? I’ve been there. For years, I settled for less than I desired and deserved in my life. I’d walk into a room and feel invisible around people I’d known for years, people who were supposed to be my friends. I’d go to work and […]

My Mom’s Battle with Cancer When I was a Teen

What I Don’t Want You To Know About Me + Owning My Truth I did this video last week on Facebook Live on what was going on inside of me as a high school teenager, as my mom battled cancer. The video for me was edgy, to say the least, as I knew, even before I got on the video that, where I was that day, I would cry if I shared this story. Owning my truth But I just knew I had to share it. And after I did the video, a piece of me wanted to hide and […]