Why Our Soul is Really Here + Our Next Online Workshop – Own Your Power

I know it’s likely been quite some time since we connected, and I want to share what I’ve been up to since I last shared.

In addition to working on completing my first book, Living Deeply (super excited!), I’ve been leaning into the most recent energies that have been coming through. These energies are calling us to let go of anything that’s no longer serving us to step into the biggest versions of ourselves. Have you been feeling it too?

For me, this has meant just being with what is. If I’ve felt like crying, I’ve cried. If I needed an hour or a day to take a break or do nothing, I’ve given myself that. If I’ve needed to talk to my little girl about any fear that’s been coming up and honor that within her, I’ve done that too.

As I’ve dived in deep to what’s been coming up, I’ve felt myself being ushered forth into the next version of my life, a version I haven’t yet known in this physical body.

It hasn’t been easy, and sometimes, I haven’t even known why I was feeling what I was feeling. I just knew I was feeling deeply.

It’s through this process, though, that a beautiful awareness has deepened into every piece of my body:

This is the real reason our soul is here.

It’s not here for the success. It’s not here for the stuff. It’s not here for the escape.

Yes, our human self is definitely here for that part of the journey, but our soul desires meaning. It desires growth. It desires connection.

And, our soul came here for expansion, love and forgiveness.

If you’re willing to take this part of the journey, the journey of not leaving yourself, and really, loving yourself no matter what, you will know more joy, more abundance and more love than you’ve ever imagined. (Really, your soul already knows this is, as this is who we’ve always been at our core.)

And, I share this for many reasons, one of which is to notice how you’re dealing with the present energies, challenges and emotions that are coming up. If you’re running away from these, “doing” or trying to pretend you’re fine, you’re missing the opportunity for more joy, abundance and love than you’ve ever known. Also, whether you resist it or try to pretend it’s not there or dive in, it’s still going to keep coming to you, so you might as well go there sooner rather than later.

In any case, I want you to know you’re not alone in this journey, and I’m rooting for the biggest version of you!!

This is one of the reasons why I created our next online workshop, Own Your Power. This workshop is meant to help you to step Into the next version of yourself, the powerful, beautiful, big being that you are who gets to have everything they desire when they choose it. This workshop takes place next Saturday, August 18th, and you can find out more details here.

To our biggest versions of ourselves and the next version of our lives,