What soul level are you at?

What soul level are you playing at?

My guides have been downloading me with a lot of awarenesses and interesting information lately, and I want to share one of the downloads I got not too long about humans, the levels we play at, including understanding yourself, where you are and where you want to go on your journey in this lifetime, as well as a trend you may not see coming, that, hopefully, will help you to be better prepared for future events. 

That being said, the awareness that they shared with me is this:

There are many levels humans can be functioning (and playing :)) at. With this, each level has its own value and offers its own experience. No level is more “right” or “wrong,” and it’s highly likely in one lifetime you will move from one level to the next and you may be playing at multiple levels at once depending on what’s going on in your life. (Important to note: They asked me to use letters, not numbers in defining these, so you don’t make yourself right or wrong for where you are, knowing, with this, too, that I am feeling called to share this with you to bring consciousness to this in a way you may not have thought of for deeper exploration and growth.)

So, that being said, what are these levels?

Level A – The Physical World

This level is about playing mainly in the human world and functioning mainly from the physical world. When we find ourselves in this level, we can be really focused on doing/achieving and typically see things as they are and spend more time in our minds (and on what’s logical/“right”). With this, we tend to focus on what we “have,” whether it’s success, our title/job, money, house, car, status or appearances (as well as how our work and who we choose to spend time with impacts these and what people think of us). That being said, when things are going right, this can be a really fun level to function from!

On the flip side, though, this focus on “stuff” and what we are seeing/experiencing, can put us in survival mode a lot and, no matter how much we get or achieve, we feel unsatisfied and like it’s never enough. Also, because we’re focused mainly on the physical, we feel like we never really have control of our life, as when our outer circumstances are good, we feel good and when our outer circumstances are bad, we feel bad. 

It’s important to note, too: some humans come to master this level (After all, we did come here to be in a physical body!) and never move out of this level in one lifetime. If this is you, and you aren’t feeling called to more, know this is absolutely perfect and exactly where you’re supposed to be. 

A lot of times, though, when this level (and the circumstances in it) do get bad enough is when we go in search of more, and it’s through this that we start to open to the next level(s).

Level B – Light and Meaning

Simply put, Level B, which many of today’s transformational and spiritual teachers are focused on teaching and supporting others with, is finding the light, and with this, finding purpose and meaning. This level can be the next step on our spiritual journey and is a yummy thing to open to. It’s through this level that we start to feel good and begin really taking control of our reality and experiences. 

With this, though, it’s important to note the pitfalls that can come up in this level. Understandably, when things do get bad enough, what we think we’re going in search of is Level B, and with this, positive things. This makes sense, as we think that if we can just focus on the positive long enough, our life will be good and we can create a life where nothing “negative” occurs. It’s through this, though, that we can block the truth of certain situations and the pain these situations have caused us, many times, because it’s too hard to face and if we were really being honest with ourselves, we’d realize, in truth, we don’t really want to deal with this pain. (If you’ve ever said, “It wasn’t that bad,” or “I’m really ok with it,” these can be signs that you are blocking yourself from seeing something difficult in your life.)

So, while opening to this level and the meaning that comes with it, adds a beautiful dimension to our lives, if we try to stay in this state at all times, we actually contract the energy and put ourselves in a state of resistance. After all, if things can only be one way (in this situation, good), this is when we block the flow. (I write more about my experience with this and trying to create it all good, all of the time, in my initial state of awakening in my book.)

That being said, life, at its deepest levels, allows for everything, not just the good, which leads me to the next level.

Level C – Depth

Level C is depth. The light will tide you over for awhile, and finding meaning and purpose in our lives is a wonderful thing, but at some point, without depth, and with this, knowing how to feel our feelings, ride the ride and handle it all, including our challenges, the light alone will fall flat. It’s the depth that makes everything juicy. 

With this, imagine a world where you were no longer resisting anything. Imagine actually being excited when challenges came your way and not viewing anything (or at least most things) as negative. Imagine feeling your feelings, whether it was anger, hurt or sadness, actually feeling good crying and maybe even looking forward to this, as it was you making yourself matter and you realized it was just illusionary anyways. 

This may be a stretch for you, but from personal experience, this level adds so much more richness to life, and with this, makes the light so much lighter. 

It’s also important to note that one of the other things that my guides have shared (and I’ve heard echoed by other channels and teachers) is that, the times of past where we could pretend everything was ok and “live in the light,” so-to-speak are not going to be possible in the same way and we are going to have to learn how to face our stuff. I’m not sure what this looks like, depending on which level of awakening you’re at, but I can tell you times are a changin’ ;), and I share this with you, so if this does feel true for you, you can start to prepare.

(By the way, I teach a lot of the tools to start opening to/going deeper with Level C in my Workshops as well as in my One-on-One Coaching and Group Program, if you are wanting to explore this further.)

Level D: Expansion

While I sense this may or may not be the “final” level, this is the final level they gave me, and they didn’t give me too many specifics, as most of us are still playing in the first three levels. What I do sense, though, is the expansion they’re talking about here is different from how we currently think of expansion, and that the more we play in the first three levels that this will open in a way we can’t fully imagine or wrap our heads around right now. 

That being said, I encourage you to take all of this information, assess where you and where you want to be, not making yourself right or wrong, and also knowing that your journey here is exactly how it’s meant to be.

And, of course, if this doesn’t feel true for you, and you’re craving more or you’ve gotten comfortable with your teachers and/or the work (which is typically a sign it’s time to move to the next level), start to seek teachers and information that can help you with the (next) level(s) you’re desiring to master in this lifetime. With this, of course, I’d love to support you, if this calls to you!

To being a multi-leveled being!