My Own “Indecent Proposal”

Indecent Proposal Vegas

I spent the last week with my family in Las Vegas.  Usually, my time with them is spent working out, at the pool, going to movies, concerts and shows and eating out. (Yes, it’s really rough. :)) This time also included client calls and setting up workshops. (By the way, if you’re in Vegas, I’ll be teaching out there in October!)

It was at one of these dinners out, though, that I got an interesting proposal.

Many times, when we go for dinner at the restaurants in the casinos, they’re so smokey, whenever possible, I run ahead to get in and out, as I’m really sensitive to smoke. This was one of those times, and, after dinner, I found myself outside, face-to-face with my very own Robert Redford, except that he was greasy and fat. 🙂

As I stood there in my jeans and dress shirt, he says, “Hey – I just won sixteen grand. I’ll pay you three to come to the casino with me tonight and just stand behind me, as I play.”

The answer that immediately came out of my mouth was, “No – thanks, though.” And once he was safely in his cab (or so I thought, though he wasn’t, but that’s another story), I thought about what had happened.

I felt myself filled with mixed emotions. On one hand, I was flattered, but on the other hand, I thought to myself, should I be insulted that he wanted to pay me to spend time with him. After all, I’m not an escort.

But, then I took it one step deeper, as I love to play with consciousness and how I created this moment. (I believe we create everything in our lives and every moment can show us more of ourselves, if we allow it to.)

So, on the one hand, it was great to be offered $3,000 to simply be me. This man was literally telling me that I’m enough and perfect just the way I am.

Ok, so that’s one “plus”. And, even more amazing, I’ve been working on creating these exact energies – of being enough and being paid just to be me – for some time now. Check.

The second thought that came to me was if should I be insulted by him wanting to pay me, in essence, implying I can be bought.

Ok, so maybe he wasn’t flattering me after all. Mmmm.

The third thing that hit me was noticing a thought I had when he initially asked me. That thought looked like, “What’s the catch?” Hmmm. That’s interesting. Where else am I skeptical or do I think there’s a catch that comes with receiving money?

And, while of course, how he shows up is about him, I share this story with you for multiple reasons. Yes, it’s a good story, but also, I want to share a small piece of my process around how I keep stepping into more and more and how I use every moment to show me more of myself, to raise my consciousness and, really, to keep creating my reality over and over.

So, now I have a proposal for you:

How can you use my “indecent proposal” to bring more awareness in your life to raise your consciousness and, really, to create your reality?

Do you accept? 🙂