Why I Loved This Year

Every year, I love to reflect on the year’s adventures, what I’ve learned, how I’ve grown, and really, what the theme of the year has been.

And, as I reflect on this year, I realize that this was the year of creation.

It was the year of moving out of my victim story and any thought that life is just happening to me, and really, into owning the powerful creator that I am, the powerful creator that we all are, if we choose to see and embrace it.

Boy, did I have a lot of fun – creating my business, my relationships and really, my life!

Don’t get me wrong. I remember the days of doing tasks out of obligation that didn’t excite or energize me, staying way-too-long in all kinds of relationships that weren’t fully aligned and traveling to places I didn’t want to go. (Imagine being in the middle of nowhere in Wisconsin, staying at questionable hotels or choosing to drive 12 hours in one day, so you don’t have to.) None of this was fun, and yet, in this life, I knew I was meant for more (So are you!), so I set out to create it all!

Initially, this meant clearing the pain of having my dad leave before the age of two and my mom die before I had turned eighteen, which I carried around with me into every aspect and relationship of life and meant a lot of sadness for me into my early-thirties, until I found my way out of this. It also meant figuring out what I wanted to do with my life, and recognizing that everything that I had done up until that point had been divinely orchestrated to serve me in this role. And, it meant letting go of all of the things that didn’t serve me, which included control and attachment, perfectionism and my inner critic. (Yes, it’s possible to live sans inner critic with a clear, relaxed mind. If I did it, so can you!)

And, trust me, I get it. If this year was a hard year for you, I can absolutely relate. I wrote about the difficult year I had in 2016 here, if you want to read about what I learned and how I reframed the way we think about a difficult year.

And, either way, if you’re ready to own the Powerful Creator that you are, I invite you to join me at one of my live or online Energy-Clearing Workshops! I just announced a bunch and doing regular energy clearings are what have made all of the difference in letting go of anxiety and depression as well as mind chatter, the inner critic and the childhood stories that have caused so much pain. (It’s one of the reasons why I created the Online Energy-Clearings – to give you the consistency I know that made all of the difference in my life!)

And, stay tuned, as in the coming week, I will be sharing with you my perspective on goals (and why I don’t really do them). I guarantee this is a perspective you likely haven’t heard before that will change the way you look at planning your year!

In the meantime, many blessings and a Happy New Year!