My 2016 Life Lessons & A New Way to Look at the Year’s Success

letting go

As I reflect on this year, my 2016 can be summed up in two words, “Letting Go.” Historically, for me, letting go has not been something that’s been easy, as having control is something I perceived has helped keep me safe.

But, with this year, came a letting go of protection and old ways of being, and really, doing and creating, as well as letting go of many of the things I thought I knew, to step into even more of the world that’s calling to me.

What has this looked like?

It’s meant letting go of old relationships, which sometimes, has meant the dissolution of the relationship, but at other times, it’s meant letting go of what I was accepting in that relationship to allow a new dynamic to emerge.

As part of this, it’s meant getting specific with The Universe. No more moving from obligation. No more accepting less than I desired and deserved. No more skipping around my No. (This is still a work in progress!)

Another important piece of letting go for me has been letting go of any ideas and attachment I’ve had around my future partner. As an Intuitive, it can be alluring to ask questions about who this person is, when and where I will meet him and even if I’ve known him before, but, with these questions come the loss of the magic and miracles of being in the moment, and even more importantly, of trusting that The Universe has my back, everything is unfolding perfectly and there is no need to “make it happen.” This need to no longer push and force has flowed into other areas of my life flawlessly, allowing for more flow, receiving and trust.

As part of this flow and trust, I’ve had to let go of control. Outside of my work, instead of leading, it’s meant being led. It’s meant letting others show me the way and being open to not having all of the answers. It’s meant not needing to always be right. It’s meant approaching life with a certain kind of innocence.

It’s also meant letting go of time. While I’ve always known time and space only exist is this paradigm, I’ve stepped into a new level of timelessness, which looks to me like an infinite roll of a film which equals my soul life, including the time before I was in this physical body, now, and once I cross over. This has taken the pressure off of something needing to happen immediately and moved me into a new level of trust that everything is happening right on time. 🙂

And, it’s meant letting go of a need to present a perfect image, which has included crying and sharing all parts of myself in all of my relationships and with my community. I now know wholeheartedly that I came here to pave the way and make space for people’s pain and vulnerability in our defended world. I came here to help us love all pieces of ourselves. I came here to help people to feel everything and to know that, running towards these emotions, not away from them, is the key to living in true joy, no matter what’s occurring.

This has also included, truly, letting go of worrying about what others think. This one has been truly liberating, as I’ve come to the conclusion that, we’re all just children in the scheme of things (if you look at soul age, not human age), so if I’m taking advice about my path or letting what someone else thinks about me, skew me, then I’m letting someone who knows just as much (or little) about living, guide me. And, truthfully, no one knows more about the life that each of us came here to live than ourselves. NO ONE.

And, in general, it’s meant letting go of the things no longer serving me. This has included my Corporate Job, my fear and pattern of abandonment (This was one I thought would be there my entire lifetime, as I had carried it for several lifetimes, though I’m happy to say I cleared it!) and a huge piece of my masculine. Don’t get me wrong, I still use my masculine to create, but I no longer need the defense that accompanied me in my everyday life. No, instead I choose vulnerability and to accept help, which is now offered regularly.

And, moving into the New Year, I take with me a new level of flow and knowing that everything is happening exactly as it should be. No matter how I start my New Year, whether at a big party or cozied up under a blanket watching a movie at my house, and whether this year is the best year of my life or the most challenging, everything is divinely orchestrated for my highest good, and all I have to do is follow my guidance, resist nothing and surrender to everything to know I’m living my highest path.

So, on this New Year, I invite you to allow for your version of this. As part of this, where can you take the pressure off of yourself that how you start the New Year means anything about how your New Year is going to go? How can you let go and surrender and allow your life to take on a new flow? And, how can you love and embrace all parts of you, not just the “good” ones or ones you think others should see, want to see or only the ones you think are lovable?

Most importantly, what if a good year is one where you grow a lot, not one where only “good” things happen?

To a “good” year :),