Are you holding back?

There’s something I’ve been noticing for quite some time that I want to share with you.

It’s about how we give love.

Most of us give it like it’s a limited resource or like it’s a million dollars we’re giving away. We reserve it for the special few and only after it’s truly been earned.

But my question to you is why?

Love is free. It’s a high-feeling emotion that feels really good and the more we give out, the more we get back. So, with all of that being the case, why do we treat it like it’s the opposite?

Answer: It’s a conditioning.

We’ve been trained since before we could walk and talk about the ways to give and receive love. Our family gets love, but strangers and acquaintances and even friends don’t (or at least they don’t get told so). Also, do something bad and love can be taken away. So it can truly be scary at the thought of always giving love.

I get it, and yet, I write this to you today because I want to propose something different.

I want to propose we start shifting how we feel about and show love. Everyone deserves it, it’s free and imagine, if that was our centering point, how the world would change.

You might be wondering, but what about the people who do cruel things? Guess what? They especially need it! What do you think likely started the cruelty in the first place? I can tell you, it wasn’t love.

And, if you’re ready to look at your patterns around love and live in Chicago, join me at my next workshop this Saturday!

What’s one new way you can show love today? Comment below.