Love is in and on the air!

With the upcoming holiday, I wanted to send out my most recent Periscope Truth Talk Tuesday on Love!

In it, I talk about:

– What truth looks like when you’re single and/or dating
– My Truth Experiment in Dating
– What’s important to look at before you get back together with your ex
– What scarcity can look like around dating
As well as some unconscious patterns you might have around this!

You can watch my most recent video below and join me live on Periscope every Tuesday @deborahacker!

Also, if you haven’t already and you like the above Periscope video and are ready to have more awareness around your love relationships and clear any blocks that are holding you back to having your ideal relationship, you can sign-up here at:

Important to note: We may have a replay available after the live event, so definitely keep an eye out for that!

Last, but not least, I was on The Good Radio Network yesterday for Frankiesense! You can check it out below, where I talk more about my journey to truth and love!