How to Stop Second-Guessing Yourself

This month’s Workshop is all about intuition, and really, opening and connecting to it! As part of this, a huge part of intuition, and where we can struggle with this, is where we second-guess ourselves. Can you relate to this? I’ve been there too!

And, to learn how to stop doing this, it’s important to understand the components that block our intuition and make us end up second-guessing ourselves. Below are three ways we can block ourselves from the truth.

1. Fear.
Many times, if we ask about something, and we’re scared, for example, that it will or won’t happen, we may not get an accurate answer. For example, if we go on a date and ask if we’re going to hear from him or her again, and rooted in this question is the fear we won’t, we might not get an honest answer.

2. Ego.
Ego is another one that can stop us from the truth. When we have a need to be right or better than, we can block ourselves from our intuition. So, say we get accepted to speak at a conference, and we notice someone we have felt competitive towards has also applied. If we ask if they will be accepted, we may not get an accurate answer. Another example of this is if we’re attached to the outcome of something, like we have to get a certain job or be with a certain person, we may block ourselves from knowing the truth, which could be that there’s another role or partner that’s in our higher good. One last example of this is if we get an idea of the right answer to something. Say, for example, we are fighting with a friend over the right answer to something. If we check-in and ask if we’re getting the right answer, we might get a “yes”, because of our need to be right, even when that isn’t true.

3. Scarcity.
A third piece that stops us from the truth is scarcity. If we’re worried that there’s not enough of something and we ask, for instance, if we’re going to get accepted to a program we applied for, but there’s only a limited amount of spots, because we have strong desire to be in the program, we may hear yes, when, in fact, the answer is no.

The above are only a few examples of the ways that we can second-guess ourselves and the ways that we can block our intuition. This is one reason why, for this month’s Online Energy Clearing, we are working on identifying and opening to our intuition, while clearing self-doubt, what keeps us second-guessing ourselves and, really, what’s in the way of always knowing the right answer for ourselves!

On this call, you’ll learn:
– How to distinguish between self-doubt and fear versus intuition
– How to know what’s right for you in every moment
– How to know when you’re a yes and when you’re a no
– How to know what steps you need to take in every area of your life, for stronger relationships and friendships, more profitability and more ease and flow

So, if this calls to you, and you’re ready to open to your intuition, clearing your blocks to this while also learning tried-and-true techniques and tools to use your intuition for daily guidance, ease and flow, come join me at this Saturday’s Opening to Your Intuition Workshop! For more details and to register, click here. (Registration closes on Friday, April 13th at 11 pm ET.)

To being “intuit!”