Do you know when someone’s lying to you + Final Reminder for the Online Intuition Workshop!

I’ve been thinking a lot about intuition lately, and really, all of the ways that I use my intuition, which for me, is part of my daily decision-making. And, one way, that’s often undiscussed, but can be very helpful, as we’re going through this journey we call life :), is our innate ability to distinguish if someone’s lying to us or not.

How is this possible?

Whether we realize or not, we are all connected, and that old saying about “I’m rubber, you’re glue,” is simply not true. If we choose, we can always tune in and connect to implicitly know if someone is lying to us.

For me, I’ve used this tool to know whom to work and partner with, whom to date and whom to develop long-term friendships with, to name a few.

And, this is just one of the many tools that I’m going to be teaching in tomorrow’s Online Opening to Your Intuition Workshop!

Registration closes this evening, and you can sign-up here!

To truth or truth!