How to Heal Your Relationships + The Importance of This

I hope you’re having a good start to your weekend! I work with a lot of successful women (plus a few special guys :)), helping them to heal themselves and their relationships. With this, it never fails to surprise me to see the impact that our childhood and our relationships have had during this pivotal time on many of our present-day experiences. A few examples: – A woman I worked with who had a ton of anger towards her father and then was projecting this onto her partner and child, not realizing that her anger was actually rooted in not […]

Do you know when someone’s lying to you + Final Reminder for the Online Intuition Workshop!

I’ve been thinking a lot about intuition lately, and really, all of the ways that I use my intuition, which for me, is part of my daily decision-making. And, one way, that’s often undiscussed, but can be very helpful, as we’re going through this journey we call life :), is our innate ability to distinguish if someone’s lying to us or not. How is this possible? Whether we realize or not, we are all connected, and that old saying about “I’m rubber, you’re glue,” is simply not true. If we choose, we can always tune in and connect to implicitly […]

How to Stop Second-Guessing Yourself

This month’s Workshop is all about intuition, and really, opening and connecting to it! As part of this, a huge part of intuition, and where we can struggle with this, is where we second-guess ourselves. Can you relate to this? I’ve been there too! And, to learn how to stop doing this, it’s important to understand the components that block our intuition and make us end up second-guessing ourselves. Below are three ways we can block ourselves from the truth. 1. Fear. Many times, if we ask about something, and we’re scared, for example, that it will or won’t happen, we may not get an accurate […]

Did you know that you’re intuitive, and even psychic?

Did you know that you’re intuitive, and even psychic? I used to think that these gifts were only reserved for the select few, the “special” people, but not too long ago, I found out that this simply wasn’t true. So, if this isn’t the case, how do we unlock these special gifts to live a truly guided life with more flow, ease and clarity, to name a few? 1. You have to be able to recognize how your intuition is currently coming through. Intuition comes through in many ways, including clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing), clairsentience (feeling) and claircognizance (knowing). (To learn […]

One of the best-kept secrets to becoming a Powerful Manifester

I often get asked how I manifest so easily. And, the answer is simple – Vibration Activation and Energy Clearing.   It’s how I’ve increased my income by over 50%, tuned into my guidance to find my soul’s path of coaching (in 3 days no less!!), how I got taller in my 30s and even how I’ve guided people I had never met to the “right” company for their next career move.  Pretty cool, right? So what is vibration and why is shifting it so important to manifesting?  Watch the below video to find out more!