How to Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Heart

How to Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Heart

How I Moved Past Struggle & Logic to Everyday Joy

Truthfully, I never thought I’d be able to fully do this. It always felt easier, safer and more comfortable to do what was logical and to do what my head said was right.  So, when I started this journey, I thought, I’ll try, and worst case, I can always go back.

Along the way, there have been many bumps in the road. For me, it’s meant many weekends working while I was still at my full-time job. It’s meant going against the grain despite what people thought or said. It’s meant many times choosing discomfort, and really, fear, over comfort.

Until the moment came when I realized it was easier to go than stay, to speak truth than to follow everyone else’s, and really, to be me than to be like everyone else.

Yes, I’ve had times where I thought it’d be easier to give up. Yes, I’ve had times where I’ve seriously questioned myself. Yes, I’ve had times where I wanted to go running in the opposite direction. (And, if you know me at all, you know I’m not a runner. :))

And, looking back, I think about all of the times when I shut myself off from my joy, my heart and did what was “smart” and what my head said to do. There were many times when I wanted things, but because they weren’t logical, I was scared or I didn’t know how or if they would work out, or even, I did know, but knew they weren’t right for the long term, I protected myself as opposed to going after and embracing them. I used my head to talk me out of things I truly desired and lived in the future, not the present. I protected myself by trying to have these things figured out, thinking this would get me to my desired outcome quicker.

Instead, it only prolonged the experience I was resisting.

So, now, I follow the joy, even if I don’t know how it will work out. I speak my truth because I’m living for today. And, I open to what’s in front of me because I know there’s a powerful gift in it, even if it’s not what I initially thought I wanted or packaged in the form I thought it would come in.

And with that, I’ve seen how moving out of your head and into your heart is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. Every time I say yes to my joy, to what truly excites me, The Universe says yes on my behalf ten-fold. As part of this, I’ve been getting ample opportunities to choose between obligation and alignment, mind/head vs. heart, massive action vs. inspired action, mailed straight to my inbox. 🙂 The more I follow the latter, the juicier it gets. My relationships, business and life have never been more aligned. I have more energy than ever before, and I’m happier.

And the truth is, while it’s not always easy, it’s getting easier and easier. I’m saying no more and even saying no when I’ve given an automatic yes and realized it wasn’t aligned. The longest journey you may ever take may be from your head to your heart, but I’m here to tell you:

It is worth every step.

Where have you followed your heart and where has it been a challenge? I’d love to know! Comment below.

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