The Mourning of My Single Life

How I’m Attracting My Love Partner

It wasn’t too long ago I ended up on an 8-hour non-date date. It was the kind of day you could spend a lifetime in, and he was the kind of person I felt like I had known before.

And it was at the end of our day together when it hit me:

The knowing that this would likely be one of my last first dates and the sadness that comes with losing the excitement, randomness and choice that comes with being single.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve spent my entire single life wishing I wasn’t single. In years past, every time I would go on a first date with someone I liked, I wished, hoped, and longed for it to be my last first date. I settled for less than I desired and deserved to try to make it work, and, with this resistance, came more first dates, more questioning and, at the end, more heartaches.

But, as I’ve undone the pieces that were holding me back from love, the pieces I have worked really hard for, the men I’ve attracted are more aligned than ever.  Yes, these men are loving, kind, conscious and in abundance.

With this, I have a knowing of what’s coming, and trust me, it’s more delicious than I could ever have dreamed of, and my gut tells me it’s right around the corner.

So, with this, I’m letting go and:

I’m mourning the loss of my alone time (or really, having my space to myself as much as I want).

I’m mourning the loss of random days with strangers that have the potential to become more.

And, really, I’m mourning the loss of complete freedom and choice. Of course, in my big love partnership, I will have these, but it will look a bit different.

And yet, I’m also celebrating the love I am attracting.

And, it is with this feeling that I know that the cycle is completing. After all, don’t they always say the moment you stop wanting something is the moment you get it. ☺

So, while it’s felt like it’s taken a lifetime to get here, now that I’m here, I want to stay just a little bit longer. (Cue the music. ☺)

And, I write this to you today, to tell you to savor every minute:

Every date,

Every kiss,

Even every break-up.

Because one day, even if you think right now it’s highly unlikely, you’ll look back and miss it all.

To staying a little bit longer,


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