One Small Way You Can Make a Big Difference this Valentine’s Day and Beyond

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There’s something I’ve been noticing for quite some time now, and with everything that’s going on in the world, and ironically, with the upcoming “love” holiday, now, more than ever, it’s important to talk about this.

What is it, you ask? It’s about how we give love.

Most of us give it like it’s a limited resource or like it’s a million dollars we’re giving away. We reserve it for the special few and only after it’s truly been earned. (Love needs to be earned is such a common pattern.)

But my question to you is why?

Love is free.

 So, with all of that being the case, why do we treat it like it’s the opposite?

Answer: It’s a conditioning.

We’ve been trained since before we could walk and talk about the ways to give and receive love. Our family gets love, but strangers and acquaintances and even friends don’t (or at least they don’t get told so as often as they should). Also, do something good and you’re lovable, but do something bad and you’re not lovable, or even worse, love can be taken away. (Of course, too, with what’s going on in the world, we’re defining if someone is lovable based on who they voted for and taking away love, if we disagree.) And, while it is understandable that it can be scary to give love (and it is also understandable that what’s going on in our world right now is so polarizing), this last one makes me truly sad, and trust me, while I get it, especially in these challenging times, I think it’s crucial we start to change this.


I want to propose we start shifting how we feel about and show love. Whether it’s to a stranger, a friend, your neighbor, lover or the homeless person on the corner, everyone deserves it, it’s free and imagine, if that was our centering point, how would the world change?

Important to note, too, literally, “one person in the vibration of love or above, which is the vibration of 500, has the ability to impact 750,000?”

You might be wondering, but what about the people who do cruel things? Guess what? They especially need it! What do you think likely started the cruelty in the first place? I can tell you, it wasn’t love.

Some small ways you can start to do this are to hug someone (with their permission), help a stranger to carry their groceries or buy the next person in line coffee, or a personal favorite, to smile. Have you ever noticed the impact that one nice person can have on your day? I have, and it touches me.

So, with this, I challenge you to give as much love as you can.

Trust me. There will always be more, and the impact it has is exponential.

What’s one way you can show love today? Comment below.

To love!



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