The Impact of Saturday’s March on Collective Consciousness

Saturday’s March really touched me. To see people all over the world coming together was beautiful.
And, as I was driving home later that day, I got a hit to check-in on our collective consciousness. Not surprisingly, with that many people taking a peaceful stand, the collective consciousness rose. Truthfully, as an Energy Healer and Consciousness Leader, and in general, someone who lives in the energy, the shift was palpable, and I felt super excited for our world.

This shift in our world is the key to big change – in our individual lives, in our government, and most importantly, on our planet and across the entire world.

One way to understand this is to use the below diagram from iPEC’s Founder, Bruce D. Schneider, on Energy Leadership.

If you look under the “Core Thought” on the above diagram, many people live in Level 1, under what they call a “Victim” mentality. To be clear, when they say “Victim”, they are not defining it as many of us think of victimhood. No, they are defining it as life just happening to that person, lethargy, apathy and, really, them not taking a stand in their life.

So, as I look at Saturday, many people moved up from iPEC’s-defined Level 1 to Levels 2 and 3. What are these? Level 2 is moving into fighting, which if you think about it, vibrationally feels higher than just allowing life to happen to you. After all, if you tune into how fighting feels in your body, while it doesn’t feel good, it definitely feels better than not doing anything. Level 3 in their model is taking responsibility. What does this look like? It’s the beginning of the realization that you are creating your reality, and it’s taking responsibility for everything that’s occurring in your life, which includes your actions, and any pain and hurt you may have caused another. You’re no longer fighting, but instead, cooperating.

And, while iPEC defines seven levels of energy, it’s a huge step in our progress to move up collectively to Levels 2 and 3. (Of course, you individually may find yourself at a different level on this chart. Either way, I think this chart is extremely helpful in understanding the role of energy in our lives and how it impacts how we show up.)

Take a look above. Where do you show up on the chart? What’s one step you can take to begin to choose the next level of energy? (If you’re curious to understand more about their model, I definitely recommend Bruce D. Scheneider’s book of the same name, “Energy Leadership”.)

And, if you’ve ever heard me describe the benefits of energy clearing and raising your vibration, which my guidance gave to me years ago, including becoming, and really returning to, the powerful manifesters and intuitive beings that we all are, this leadership model is another way to look at it.

Either way, while I know many of us are conditioned to change our mindset to create change in our lives, if you’re seriously looking to change your life, from playing with both:

And, if you’re interested in exploring shifting your energy, don’t hesitate to respond to this email, and we can work out a time to chat and see if working together is the right fit for you. Also, keep an eye out for my many energy-clearing options, which will be coming soon and will be starting at $7! (I’m creating a completely new brand of energy clearing that will help you create quick, powerful change in minutes versus days/months/years.)

To raising your energy!