How I Quadrupled My Sales – TWICE – in Three Years

Most of you know me for clearing childhood patterns, pain and trauma. And, truth be told, I LOVE THIS PART OF MY BUSINESS, and really, helping people to release their pain to open to what this life has to offer.

But, there’s another side to me (actually, several :)), that I don’t talk about, one of which I want to share with you today.

Before I became a full-time Coach and Entrepreneur, I worked in Corporate for close to 25 years, over a decade of that in Sales. The last seven of these were spent in Medical Sales, with the last six selling plastic products, including bedpans, urinals and garbage bags.

While it wasn’t glamorous, I’m really grateful for the experience I received from this not to mention, this job afforded me the opportunity to build my business on my terms, with a lot more ease, confidence and abundance.

And, it was in my last full year as a Medical Sales Representative that I discovered something that very few people were talking about, something that quadrupled my sales.

And, really, the thing that I discovered was all of the subconscious and unconscious blocks that I had to making more money easily.

What are subconscious and unconscious blocks, and what do these look like in business?

If you’ve ever felt a fear of failure or a fear of moving forward, these are two examples of subconscious and unconscious blocks that we can take on that can block us from the success, and really, the abundance, that we are meant to have. If you ever procrastinate or self-sabotage, and who doesn’t, these are other examples of how we may be holding ourselves back.

And, while these may seem basic, and you may think you can push through these (and you can to some extent, though I’d compare this to achieving 50% of your result compared to 100%), shifting, and really transforming these, is a big part of what can propel you to the next level.

This, coupled with knowing how to work with your intuition, with money (and why some struggle more than others) along with energy can create a huge momentum in your business and sales for increased ease, productivity and clarity. (You may have heard me say that energy is at least 50% of the story, so if you’re paying attention exclusively to what you see in the world (and believe me, I’ve been there!) you likely missing a huge piece of the puzzle.)

For me, what this looked like, as I started learning how to work with these, is literally, quadrupling my sales, first in Medical Sales, which is no easy feat when you think about what I was selling(!) and then, as an Entrepreneur a year and a half into my business! (Again, no easy feat, especially when you consider all of the stories you hear about the first few years in business.)

And, right now, I’m offering the chance to learn so many of these tools that propelled me, for FREE in my Upping Your Game Sales Master Class!

So many of the tools and perspectives I’m teaching go undiscussed, and they are such a big part of what creates huge success in all areas of your life, especially your business! As part of this, I’m combining my 25 years of practical business experience mixed in with the unseen and mystical to help you to learn:

  • How to KNOW which clients are going to make you money before you pitch to them
  • The REAL reason you’re not making the money you’re desiring (Hint: It’s NOT that your leads aren’t qualified!)
  • One of the biggest factors that will determine your success or failure in a Sales Call (This is NOT about being polished or prepared!)


  • The absolute #1 thing you MUST do to ensure you’re making money while optimizing your time and income

This is not your typical Master Class, as I’m not your typical teacher. 🙂 In all seriousness, you can expect to walk away with tools, ideas and awarenesses you can implement immediately as well as a way for you to begin to shift your subconscious and unconscious blocks.

If this calls to you, I invite you to join me here! There are several LIVE classes to choose from, and there will be a replay, in case you can’t attend live!

To mastering your business, sales and money!

P.S. – I’ve shared with many of you how I really can’t believe the value I’m giving away in this class! Now imagine just getting one nugget that changes everything in your world and the impact that this could have on your business and life. If you’re ready to make a change, join me here!

P.P.S. – Even if you can’t make it live, there will be a replay! Click here to join me now!