A message you may be needing to hear…

I hope you’re having a good weekend! Just wanted to stop by and drop a quick note about something you may be needing to hear, related to the things that you’re desiring that maybe haven’t happened yet.

So, recently, I was having dinner with a friend and she brought up a concept that I hadn’t heard before, but made a lot of sense with my own personal experience around creating what I wanted in my life, a message I would have loved to have heard earlier.

What was this concept? That creating something from the light (and light energies) takes more time than creating it from the dark (or dark energies).

So, first of all, what do I mean by this?

Basically, if you feel like you’re doing the work where, as you’re creating, your stuff comes up and you take time to feel it and heal it, and with this, you’re creating from a space of high integrity, these are what I would define as light energies. This is not to say that if something showed up in your life quickly that you created it from dark energies. It is to say, however, that if it’s taking more time for something you’re desiring to show up, and yet, you feel like you’ve done everything right, this could be why.

Just wanted to send it your way, in case you needed to hear it! Keep on being your light self and doing your thing!

Much love,