My Biggest 2018 Lesson + What I’ve Been Up To

Happy Holidays! It’s been awhile since we connected, and I wanted to share what I’ve been up to and my greatest lesson for 2018. To be completely transparent, this year has not been an easy one for me, and the reality of this year and what I had been creating hit me a few months ago. I started to receive downloads that my choices weren’t rooted in the alignment that I was seeking and that if I was really going to create the life I had envisioned for myself, I was going to have to start to do things differently. What […]

{Vulnerable Share}: The Hurtful Thing My Ex-Manager Said to Me that I Believed…

The other day I was reminded of my journey breaking into Outside Medical Sales. I had been in Corporate Travel for several years, and I had found a job doing inside sales selling a wound-closure device. In just a short time in this brand-new department, my colleague and I had some great successes, especially given the fact that it was a brand-new department and we were selling a product over the phone that was typically sold in person. Unfortunately, though, as I’ve seen multiple times in my career, management didn’t give the department the time that it needed to solidify, […]

Being Invisible and Hiding Out

hiding out

Hiding out and playing small are patterns. And you can break them…via @DeborahAcker Click To Tweet Do you ever feel invisible in your world? Maybe you’re playing smaller than you desire to and are hiding out from the work you know you’re meant to do in the world and stepping into the biggest version of yourself? I’ve been there. For years, I settled for less than I desired and deserved in my life. I’d walk into a room and feel invisible around people I’d known for years, people who were supposed to be my friends. I’d go to work and […]