Being Invisible and Hiding Out

hiding out

Do you ever feel invisible in your world? Maybe you’re playing smaller than you desire to and are hiding out from the work you know you’re meant to do in the world and stepping into the biggest version of yourself?

I’ve been there.

For years, I settled for less than I desired and deserved in my life. I’d walk into a room and feel invisible around people I’d known for years, people who were supposed to be my friends. I’d go to work and feel scared to acknowledge a desire within me for something more. I’d be in a crowd and would be bumped into multiple times. I’d make a request in my relationship, only to be placated and even ignored, or even deeper, I wouldn’t make the request for fear of this or abandonment.

It sucked, and it was impacting every area of my life.

As I began studying patterns and energy, I started asking, “Why do we hide and why do people treat us like we’re invisible?”

And, what I realized, from years of doing this work and helping others undo their deepest-seeded patterns, is this is related to energy. Many times, from either this lifetime or a past one, we have a stored energy in our body where we’re scared to be seen and heard.

In other lifetimes, many of us have even been stoned or attacked when we shared our work and truths in the world. So we’ve internalized that what we have to say isn’t important and that we could be hurt or killed for what we have to say. So to keep us safe, there’s a deep wiring around this, not mattering and that it’s not ok for us to take up space in the world. And, if you’ve ever felt like you’re too much, whether it’s too much to handle or having too many needs (and maybe even being scared to acknowledge them) this is the other version of this.

Either way, we create a space where we’re not acknowledged and in essence, our existence doesn’t matter.

And, it’s hurtful.

We spend days, nights, years, even a lifetime or lifetimes, working through this pattern, trying to be acknowledged, seen and heard, and really, trying to matter or on the opposite end, hiding out because we’re scared of what could happen if we do matter and speak our truths.

Have you ever heard the statement, “Little girls should be seen, not heard?” This is another version of this.

And, while it appears this pattern, is trying to be seen, heard, acknowledged and mattering to others, the deeper seed of it, and the place where it first begins, is mattering to you. For me, one area that really sticks with me is the years I spent in relationships trying to be acknowledged and seen by each partner, and it makes me cringe.

On the other side of it, I now have the self-worth to attract people who also show up for me this way. And, when they don’t show up for me this way, I no longer need to convince them or give them all of these chances. Instead, depending on the relationship, I communicate my truth without attachment and/or walk away.

Either way, one simple way to start acknowledging your existence for when someone bumps into you, is by saying, with truth, not anger, “There is a person here.”

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And, I’d love to know how this pattern has shown up in your life and how I can support you. Please leave a comment if you want to share.

To being seen and heard, no matter what age or size 🙂