Does manifesting abundance still feel challenging for you?

Does manifesting abundance still feel challenging for you?

If so, I can absolutely relate. There was a time for me when I wondered if this was ever going to change. I wondered what I could do differently to create a different result for myself.

It was then, after much struggling, that I made a decision that I was going to become an expert at abundance (and money)! (IMPORTANT: Deciding something is one of the biggest keys to creating it. ALSO IMPORTANT: This is a constant work in progress!)

With this decision, I started reading (i.e., – listening :)) to a ton of books on Abundance and Money. Two that have really helped have included Jen Sincero’s You’re a Bad Ass at Making Money and Nancy Levin’s Worthy. With this, I noticed who and what I was drawn to. After all, it wasn’t connected to move into an abundance state from a scarcity mindset, a fear of missing out or subconsciously putting out that someone else was responsible for my abundance, thereby giving my power away. It also wasn’t connected to feel like I had to do something that felt heavy to me (and not rooted in joy, calm and ease) to bring in the light energy of abundance, though many times, I had subconsciously acted from this space in the past.

From there, whether it was the aforementioned books, teachers/speakers and/or workshops/telesummits, I began to take steps towards my commitment to abundance, but most importantly, my commitment to myself. As I did this, things started to change, not only in my results, but in the way I began to feel.

And, I’m reaching out to share this with you today, not only because I wish someone had shared the above, including valuable (and inexpensive) resources that helped them with stepping into the true abundance that we all are, but also because I recently participated in a brand-new resource that could help support you with this.

What is this resource?

It’s a FREE Online Master Class to Ignite Your Soul’s Calling: Accelerate healing, live your purpose and manifest abundance in your spiritual business!

For me, when Lindsey Fitzgibbons, a Depth Hypnosis Practitioner and Shamanic Healer, reached out to me about being part of this intimate, transformational event with other healers and experts like Lisa Barnett and Marin Bach-Antonson, it felt light and right and I knew I wanted to be part of it!

As part of this, each of us will be talking about our journey to returning to the abundance that we already are, including how to heal limiting beliefs and blocks to abundance, live your purpose more fully, and sustain a spiritual, authentic, meaningful and abundant business!

The first class starts TOMORROW and you can reserve your spot here!

In this masterclass with other expert healers, shamans, therapists, coaches and artists, here’s what you can expect:

●      Learn healing modalities that will support you to get unstuck, heal on the deepest levels and manifest your dreams

●      Clear blocks and limiting beliefs to wealth and abundance (In my interview, I walk listeners through a mini-abundance clearing at the end!)

●      Connect with your vision of a thriving spiritual business and learn how to manifest that vision

Take a moment to get present with yourself, take some deep breaths, move out of scarcity or a fear of missing out (again, an important step before you make any decision or investment of time, resources and energy), and see if this feels right to you. If so, I’d love to have you join me here!

To new results!