The Easy Manifestation Tool I Love

Did you know we’re at some of our most powerful as manifestors when we’re enjoying ourselves? 

I was reminded of this a couple of weeks ago in my dance class. I was experiencing powerful joy, and it was then that a tool I hadn’t used in awhile popped into my consciousness.

Here’s the tool:
When you find yourself doing something you’re really enjoying, start thinking/saying affirmations of things you want to create in your reality. (You can say these in your head or out loud. Either way works.)

Why this works:
Because when you’re in a state of joy, you’re in a high-vibrational state. It’s in these states of being where there’s less density to get in the way of what we’re desiring, bringing us back to the truth of ourselves. Taken one step further, when we’re not in our physical bodies and just in the energy state, we literally think of something and it happens because there’s no density to slow us down. (If you’ve ever said some version of “Why hasn’t this happened yet?”, this is why you have that expectation.) This is a high-level spiritual concept, but even if it doesn’t make total sense to you, I encourage you to try it.

Simply pick something you enjoy and when you find yourself excited and in joy around it, think of something you’re wanting to create in your life. Then just repeat that affirmation or affirmations over and over and see what shows up.

For me, in addition to my dance class the other week, I did it the other weekend when I was hiking. One of the affirmations I was saying was, “Unexpected, amazing things show up for me daily.” By the time I got home, something amazing and unexpected had happened!

By the way, it’s important to pick affirmations that feel possible to you, where it doesn’t feel like you’re lying to yourself. (In my upcoming book, I address more of how to identify and shift underlying beliefs that block affirmations from feeling and coming true, if you’re wanting to dive into this more in depth, but either way, I encourage you to give this tool a try!)

To easy manifesting!