I Have To Share This Story With You!!

So, I have to tell you about this crazy thing that happened this past weekend! As many of you know, I’ve been doing more work in the Corporate World, and as I figure out the ins and outs and build this part of my business, I’ve been taking massive action and asking for a ton(!) of guidance and support from the other side.

And, while I’ve been doing this and I know I’m always being guided, I received some guidance this past weekend that was really unexpected!

It was Sunday, and I had planned to finish my book, (It’s now in the proofreading and publishing stages!) head out on a hike and have dinner with my cousin. Needless to say, I had gotten into some conversations at the gym and then my dad called while I was putting the final touches on my book, so I ended up running behind.

I debated going on my hike, as it was already early evening at this point, and instead, just going over to my cousin’s place, but I asked intuitively and I got a yes to still go. When I got out there, though, the parking lot was deserted minus one guy who was sitting in the parking lot on his phone.

I was questioning if I’d be safe, but got it was fine. As I started to go, though, it was pretty buggy and wet from the rain we’ve been having, and after just a few minutes of hiking, as it just didn’t feel quite right, I got the feeling to go and ended up turning around and heading to my cousin’s.

When I got there, we decided to go for Mexican food, which was just a few minutes from where he lives, and we left shortly after.

A few minutes into getting there, and his neighbors (and friends) unexpectedly showed up and he invited them to join us. Come to find out that one of his neighbors is in one of the industries that I’m targeting, and throughout dinner, he was generously answering all of my questions, and even offered to share some of the training materials that he had received!

As he was talking, my Guides were downloading me with all kinds of information on what to do and additional questions to ask, and as we were leaving, I asked if he would be willing to listen to the recordings/trainings I’m creating for his industry! Of course he said yes, but as I got into my cousin’s car, I couldn’t believe how helpful this “chance” meeting was, and really, all of the synchronicities that had come into play to create this event! Here’s a few of them:

1) I was actually supposed to go see my cousin on Monday, but at the last minute, changed it to Sunday.
2) The odds of me getting there and us getting to the restaurant at the same time were extremely slim, especially when you think that I almost went hiking for awhile.
3) Then, I actually suggested bbq, and he suggested two places, one of which was Mexican food, so again, the odds of us going there weren’t super high.
4) Then, when you think that not only did my Guides have to get us there, but they had to get this couple there AT THE SAME TIME, when you put this all together, it’s all pretty crazy!!

In either case, I share this story with you to let you know that we are always being guided and there’s magic, miracles and synchronicity waiting around the corner when we show up and tune in to our guidance! (I write more about this, and really how to create this, in my book.) And, while you could say that this is coincidence, I can just tell you that I could feel all of the work that had gone into creating this meeting.

Also, too, during this conversation, while historically in Corporate conversations I pretend that I know exactly what I’m doing and I don’t need any help, in being willing to share where I really was on this journey, I got more help than I could ever hope for! By the way, if you’re looking to shift some of the things that hold you back in your job, come join me at our next online workshop, Clearing Your Corporate Past. You can find out more details here, and either way, I wish you more magic, miracles and synchronicity than you could ever imagine!