My (crazy) money story! Is this you too?

I don’t talk about this often, but I want to share with you my money story, as I know, at times, I can make it look easy.

Truth be told, though, this wasn’t always the case.

When I was growing up, I grew up in a strong environment of scarcity and struggle. As many of you know, I grew up with my mom, who was a single parent. Over and over, I watched her struggle to barely get by, and her mantra growing up, though of course, I didn’t call it a mantra at that time was, “We have no money.”

My mom would say this constantly, and I would repeat it, actually in some way, thinking it was a good thing. To me, it felt like I was being loyal to her, and really being like her was a way to feel loved.

Then, I took this mantra and stopped having needs or wants. I subconsciously thought it was wrong to have these, and I made not having these “right.” So, instead, I shut myself down, contracted my body and tried to just get through life. When asked what I wanted for my birthday or holidays, the answer I always gave was nothing. Talk about blocking my receiving!

Of course, then, when she passed away, I wanted to keep her memory alive and again, to stay loyal to her, so for a long time, I chose to hold onto this way of being in the world to do this.

At that time, I had no clue the impact of our words have in creating our reality. I had no clue how I was holding myself back and blocking my abundance. And, I had no clue that this wasn’t how life had to be.

When I started studying abundance, though, and really, how to create it consistently, almost five years ago now, I begin to realize all of the stories I had that were no longer working for me, and the reasons why I kept creating this over and over.

I knew I had to change this. I knew my mom would want me to let go of these stories that weren’t working for me, that she wouldn’t want her memory kept alive this way. And, most importantly, I knew I deserved more.

I would love to begin to teach you many of the tools I learned to create true abundance in my life, and how I live in abundance, at all times.

If this calls to you, come join me at Saturday’s Infinite Abundance Energy Clearing Workshop!

On this call, we’ll identify and begin to clear and shift:
– Your money story, and the many subconscious and unconscious blocks you have to creating abundance in your life
– Your money ceiling (Have you ever noticed that it can be hard to break through what you’re earning, and even if you do earn more, many times, you have an unexpected expense that negates this?)
– Your scarcity mindset (If you’ve ever settled for less than you desired and deserved, this is a form of scarcity! It doesn’t have to be this way, though!)

And, no worries, if you can’t make the live call, as there will be a recording too!

For more details and to sign-up, head here!

I look forward to supporting you in creating your own version of infinite abundance in your life!