But I’d rather go on vacation…

I’m heading off to Ecuador soon for fun and adventure, and as I prepare to take this vacation, I am reminded of the first time I chose to work on myself on vacation versus take a fun, “adventure-filled” trip.

I was having a conversation with a friend, and I remember when I told him how much I was investing in myself, his reply was simple and memorable:

“But, Deb, I’d rather spend that money on vacation!”

And, trust me, I totally got it and I was not here to convince him (or you!) otherwise.

What I do want to share, though, is what I would have said had I known how much was going to change from one choice in self-discovery:

For me, it paved the way for me to enjoy all future vacations (and all the juicy bits of life) ten-fold. I now experience places and people very differently and am truly present in all areas of my life, including on my vacations. What has this meant?

I truly taste the fruit, whether it’s that juicy orange as I sit on my velvet coach or the mango I experienced sitting on the wooden benches in Costa Rica.

I see the waters and capture them in my heart.  Bondi Beach in Australia (and Lake Michigan in Illinois) will always have a special place!

I hear the street music and get up and dance! This is exactly what I did in the streets of Nicaragua (and I do regularly in the gyms of Chicago)!

I smile when I see friends or strangers and I am able to see their true spirit. One of my most memorable experiences was with one of my neighbors’ disabled sons in the elevator. I could see him clearly as the beacon of growth, light and love he came here to be, even though I know his parents were frustrated with him in that moment. I carry this with me around the world every time I experience a new culture or individual.

And I share this with you, as I want you to have your own version of these because, guess what?! You, your life, your happiness are worth the investment!

So, if you’re on the fence about that next trip or investment, step back and imagine what life and future vacations will look like and move from that, knowing you can have it all!

It’s time!