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What if you never had another painful relationship again?



The Three Biggest Issues That Keep You Stuck, Hurting and Struggling, Repeating Your Relationship Patterns

Wednesday, May 19th, 2021 at 5 pm PT/8 pm ET

Over and over again, do you find yourself in painful relationships? Whether you’re single and people keep leaving, have been in a long-term relationship or are married and are struggling, what if you could change this—for good?

Did you know so much of our success in relationships is based on our relationship with ourself?

But, what does it mean to have a relationship with yourself, and how do you do this to to create deep bonds in your love life, family and friendships? 



“I was so lucky to find Deb at the peak of a two year period of depression and anxiety. I’ve dealt with both for most of my life and while there were years that were better, it felt like something that would always be in the background. Deb is the only person I’ve worked with who was actually able to help me reframe my thinking and outlook on life. She took me back to the very beginning to figure out where a lot of my thinking stemmed from and challenged me to break these patterns. Things that I felt were just part of me like overthinking everything are now gone. I read something on her website that said one session with Deb is more valuable than years of therapy and that is 100 percent true. I am so much happier and lighter and for the first time I feel like I have the mindset and tools I need to get through anything. I have a healthier relationship with myself and everyone around me! Deb changed my life! ” – Ally S.  

“I learned more about my life and self in 4 months with Deb than in nearly 4 years of therapy! Her pattern-breaking sessions helped me identify what was holding me back in life and where those patterns stem from. Since meeting Deb I’ve found my path in life and more importantly, found myself. Couldn’t recommend her enough!” – Sarah K.  

“Deb’s work is completely different than any other coaching or therapy I have done; and as a therapist I have done much personal work myself. Her work comes from such a caring place of strength and understanding.  She intuitively knows where to go while also allowing the client to be the ultimate guide and leader of their lives for creating dynamic change. She teaches how to be truly relational with oneself and others, and she shows her clients how to reconnect with all aspects of self through feeling one’s feelings in new ways to find our own truth. I have never experienced work like this before, and how tuned in and knowledgeable Deb is. What a gift it is to engage in this process with Deb!” – Lexi M.

After my first workshop with Deb I spoke with my Dad for the first time in over 10 years!!!!! I am not a long term friend or a client. I met her the day of the workshop and in one day made that major of a mindset shift. Deb has incredible energy, awareness of it, and a powerful ability to guide others towards transformation by helping to clear what doesn’t serve and replenish what will! 6000 out of 10 recommend – she’s doing RAD work!” – Jessica L.

Meet Deb Acker:

As an Intuitive Relationship Healer, I help women to heal their relationships to create the things their heart has been truly desiring, including finding their purpose, having more money, and especially, creating healthy, loving relationships, including a deep + intimate love relationship, where they feel seen, heard, cared for, loved and respected.

After all, everything we seek in our lives, whether it’s a deep relationship, our purpose, even money, is dependent on our relationship, first and foremost, with ourselves, then with others and the world.

From working with thousands of women, at some point in our lives, most of us, myself included, not only haven’t known how to love, trust and honor ourselves in so many of our relationships, but we’ve been hurt so bad that we don’t know how it will ever change.

But, it can. You can find out more about how I can help you here, and more about my story here. Oh, and if this is speaking to you, make sure you sign-up for my Masterclass here!

Are You Ready to Become A Woman That Attracts and Cultivates ONLY Healthy Relationships?

Let’s put an end to your painful relationships—for good!


As an Intuitive Relationship Healer, I value the relationship I have with my Social Media Community, and I nurture it by sharing parts of myself as well as new awarenesses, practices and tools that can really support you. I’d be thrilled to meet you there!