Workshop One-on-One Readings

Interested in a 20-Minute One-on-One Reading during our workshop?! Here’s just a few of the things we can work on in our time together:

  • Overcoming a challenge, fear or self-doubt to move towards something you’re desiring
  • Healing a difficult relationship or break-up, so you’re not taking that with you into your next relationship
  • Clearing money or relationship/love blocks to create the next level of this in your life
  • And overall, healing the past and deep emotional wounding to feel more calm, free and alive!

*Important to note: Where you’re seeking support doesn’t have to be related to today’s workshop topic. Also, this is not the right environment for physical or sexual abuse issues as well as suicidal thoughts or tendencies (though I can support you with anxiety and depression).

What to expect:*
  • Expect to go deep for new awarenesses and higher levels of consciousness
  • Expect an emotional release
  • Expect a noticeable shift for powerful transformation in your everyday life!
*All readings are done in a group setting. Limited space available.

Change your story to take control of your life and move to the next level and version of you!

If this feels right to you, you can sign-up at your local studio!

Feel free to email me at with any questions.

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