Becoming Flexible in Your Mind with Courtney Sunday

Yoga teacher and writer Courtney Sunday speaks with Deborah about the idea that what you want in life will change, and how to use yoga philosophy to get closer to who you are meant to be in any given moment. Deborah and Courtney also discuss living your bliss and how to move closer to it.

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Courtney Sunday is a yoga teacher who specializes in teaching people who don’t “do” yoga and training teachers who don’t believe they can teach. After leaving a corporate job, Courtney has taught all over the world and followed her other passion of writing. As a contributor to USA Today, MindBodyGreen, Elephant Journal and Greatist, Courtney likes to believe that it is possible to spread good news every day. Courtney is currently working on her first novel of fiction and preparing her first 500 hour teacher training program.

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