Sales Training

  Are you looking for new ways to gain a competitive edge and increase your business’ sales?
Maybe some of your Sales Reps have “topped out” or maybe even some of your Reps are struggling to make their numbers and grow their businesses, territories and sales?
 What if there was something you could add to your training that could significantly increase your companies’ sales without your Sales Reps changing anything in their work routine, creating results that included:
“After one session with Deb, I got a new client 24 hours later.”
“Working with Deb, I’m no longer “efforting” to get sales, and I’m hearing from clients I haven’t heard from in ages.”
“One session with Deb boosted my sales in a big way!”


 These trainings will help your employees to:

  • Clear their subconscious and unconscious sales blocks (Have you ever called a prospective customer and yet hoped they didn’t answer, even though them answering could mean a sale? This is an example of an unconscious/subconscious sales block.)
  • Have a healthy relationship with money, including looking at unconscious and subconscious money blocks (You might think you like money, but if, for example, you grew up watching your parents fight about money, you may have a subconscious block that’s working against you.)
  • Overcome challenges, excuses and fears, including fear of rejection, fear of failure and fear around moving foward
  • Take immediate, clearer and more powerful action in all areas for increased productivity
  • Produce quicker, easier, greater results from a newfound clarity, positivity and centeredness
  • Improve their internal work relationships and external client relationships
  • Feel healthier and happier, impacting every area of their businesses, lives and work environment

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Hi – I’m Deb Acker, and before I became a Coach and Consultant, I worked in the Corporate World for over 20 years in sales, advertising and marketing. When I was in advertising and marketing, I worked on everything from Kraft and Oscar Mayer to Sony, Taco Bell and Coca-Cola. I finished my Corporate Career with over ten years in sales, achieving many Sales Accolades during that time. As part of this, when I was in Medical Sales, I used the tools I now teach to increase my income by 20%, which translated to over a million dollars in sales, over three times my goal, all while working less.

In these trainings, I now help Sales Professionals to create their own version of these results, while improving their happiness, health and relationships.


“Our staff is already trained. Why should I bring you in?”

Yes, you’ve given your agents the best training on how to be successful selling real estate. Maybe you’ve even brought in the top sales trainers and agents in the country or world to train them. But, this is the training that no one is talking about. This is the training that will cover the hidden reasons why many sales professionals aren’t successful. This is the training and the missing piece to increasing Sales Reps’ sales, drive and success.

Why does this training work compared to other sales trainings?

Many other trainings give you tools, and while the tools are powerful, many Sales Reps leave these trainings and never implement what they are taught, leaving them where they started. One of the biggest differences between this type of training and Deborah’s trainings, and why her trainings work, is that, in these trainings, Sales Reps leave transformed, with the blocks they’ve been struggling with, sometimes for years or more, shifted during the trainings. As part of this, because the common fears, excuses and challenges that come up have been cleared, many Sales Reps take new action immediately, and many times, effortlessly and for the first time, leading to a big impact, quickly.


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