Awakening to Your Feminine for More Abundance, Love & Flow Workshop

Awakening to Your Feminine for More Abundance, Love & Flow

Online Group Workshop

In the business world, we get taught and rewarded for using our masculine. What does this look like? It’s doing and making things happen. It’s pushing ahead. It’s moving forward and thinking about it later. And, while all of this can serve us, what if there was another way?

The good news is there is! We are just beginning to awaken to our feminine, but in accessing this, we open to a whole new level of power, ease and support, and with this, more abundance, love and flow than we’ve ever imagined!

Imagine feeling open, connected, seen, loved and heard. This is just a taste of what accessing our feminine is like.

In today’s workshop, through deep work, exercises and powerful tools, we’ll open to when to use the masculine and when to use the feminine, clearing what’s in the way of creating a whole new experience that can include:

– Magnetizing new clients, income and business partners (to name a few!) with little-to-no-effort
– Attracting new love partners that actually treat you how you want to be treated! (Think no longer having to do all of the work in your relationships, and in general, being loved and cared for the way you truly desire and deserve.)
– Evoking more support than you’ve ever imagined possible (Everything from big things like people offering to help you with your work, projects and your to-do list to small things like people carrying your groceries or helping you with your luggage.)
– Slowing down with more time and space for you

You’ll leave feeling more open, calm and connected, knowing how to ignite your inner radiance for powerful results!

Saturday, May 12th at 9 am PT/12 pm ET



Investment: $50 – includes Light Activation, Energy Clearing, Tools, Exercises, Activations and Visualizations and a Call Recording (So You Can Listen to the Recording Multiple Times for Deeper and Deeper Clearing and More Practice)*

Limited Space Available.

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Deb’s clearings are different from anything I’ve experienced before. I’ve spent years taking self-development classes and learning how to use various energy-clearing tools. With Deb’s clearings, I’ve found them so effective at clearing old habits and blocks that it’s easy to forget they work. That’s because they have a way of so completely removing the root thought or feeling that caused the pattern that you don’t remember it was ever there. Your point of awareness is so shifted and elevated that you no longer relate to the old pattern. It can be instantaneous… When they’re done, I feel very relaxed and clear headed and old feelings, fears and concerns just seem to lift out of my energy field. I feel like the energy sweeps all the corners and unseen areas of my mind and vibrations. Clearing unconscious patterns can be some of the hardest clearings because they are just that – unconscious. But the energy in her clearings is very conscious and light-filled so anything of lesser vibration gets attracted to it and swept out of your field. It feels light, but the impact is powerful. …they never fail to leave me feeling better – happier, clearer and more joyful.                                                                                                                           – Anonymous

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*This call will take place on Zoom (Free to download, if you don’t already have it.), if you’re unable to make the live call. Important to note: this recording will be available to all participants, so you can listen multiple times for deeper clearing each time.