When you’re growing and your friendships aren’t…

I started this work several years ago now. When I began, I had no idea that it would rock every aspect of my world, including my friendships.

Through the years, I’ve gone through all cycles of growth with various friendships, everything from denial and resistance to acceptance and letting go.

It’s been rough at times, as I’ve lost friendships that I had for close two decades, but through everything, I’m learning as I let go and begin consciously choosing the friendships I want, with a clear understanding of what these do and don’t look like, I’m attracting the friends that can support me on this journey.

What does this look like?

1. It means I’m choosing friendships where I can share my full self and my full truth. (Have you ever been in a friendship where you held back parts of yourself to make someone else comfortable? I have and it’s not fun!)

2. As part of sharing my full truth (and them sharing theirs), we recognize we might not always agree, and we appreciate this, as it is an opportunity for us to communicate and grow closer through this communication.

3. I’m saying no a lot more. If I know we’re not aligned, many times, I’m choosing not to make plans, as I want to be really clear with The Universe on the people and friendships I want to be brought to me and the people I want to spend time with. It’s working, too.

4. With this, I’ve come to recognize my not saying no was a form of scarcity, as I was settling for less than I deserved and desired in my friendships. Truthfully, I used to be scared that if I said no to the old friendships, I would just end up with no friends. I now know that, in saying no, the right people are showing up.

Is this something you’ve struggled with too? What, if anything, have you done about it? I’d love to know how I can support you! Comment below.

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To aligned friendships!