What Scares You About Sharing Your Truth?

I’ve been thinking about Truth a lot lately. Why do we find it so hard to step into and share our truths? And, even more, why is it so important to really own and move towards our truth?

Let me start with the second question first. The thing that really resonates for me with this is another question, two actually:

At the end of my time here, will I have any regrets? Will I wish I had lived bigger and that I really honored my dreams, desires and choices?

For me, this is the question that drives me and the question that keeps me in integrity with myself. At the end of my time here, I want to know that I have really lived and I, not my fear, drove my decisions.


Now to the first question. I can say that, in the past when I shared my truth, there was a lot of negative conditioning around this. At work, this has meant more work or being penalized in some way. In my relationships, this has meant, at times, rejection or judgment.

So, what do we do about this? How do we move towards this, when all of our conditioning indicates otherwise?

Living in and sharing our truths is a choice. That’s right. Truth is a choice. In every moment of every day, you get to determine how you show up. And, if something doesn’t feel right about how you showed up in one moment, the next time you have an opportunity, you get to choose to show up differently.

With this, it’s also important to know, the process of living a more truthful life is just that, a process. It’s something that doesn’t happen over night, and when you factor in how strongly “untruth” has been cemented into us, this makes perfect sense. So, my advice to you:

Keep choosing it.

The more you choose it, the more it will choose you, the more comfortable it will become and the more you will reap the rewards from choosing it.