(VIDEO) Energy-Clearing for the Most Common Female Patterns That Hold Us Back

Female Patterns

As you may know, I’ve been traveling around the US teaching Energy-Clearing Workshops. I love supporting people in clearing their childhood patterns and pain!

As part of that, I created the below video for several reasons – two of them being that if it is in your area, I don’t want there to be any barrier to you joining me live (I’d love to meet you in person, and I know that this workshop can really support you on your personal growth journey!), and, even if you can’t be there live, I want everyone to be able to experience this work, as I know, when we clear the childhood patterns and pain that holds us back, this lights us up to live a life that’s true for us in every area of our lives!

In this video, I clear many patterns that hold us back from owning and honoring our desires and truth including:
– Where we don’t put ourselves first
– Where we leave ourselves
– Where we aren’t in (and don’t own) our power

You can listen below and find out which cities I’ll be visiting here: