(VIDEO) Can you be honest AND kind?

I wanted to share a video I did on Periscope for my first Truth Talk Tuesday called, “Can you be honest AND kind?” This is a truly important topic to me, as I think we’ve been conditioned from early on to believe it’s not safe to be honest. And, while this can be true, there’s definitely another way!

In this video, I talk about:
–    Why we have a hard time being honest
–    How honesty and kindness can co-exist
–    How to shift when you’re angry (and kindness is the farthest thing from your mind!)
–    How we can stop taking what someone else is saying personally
–    How to decipher when it’s not good to be honest

Hope you enjoy, and if you’re ready to focus on more truth in your life, you can join me on Periscope every Tuesday, where I’ll pick a new topic each week to help you move towards more truth in your life.