Truth Talk Radio with Special Guest Stacey J. Warner ~ Energy Manifest. Horses As Your Guide


This week’s special guest is Stacey J Warner, a Horse and Human Whisperer. Stacey will be talking about how horses can mirror your truth and energy back to you. She’ll also be talking about the difference between ‘living in action’ versus ‘living in reaction’ and how this relates to how influential you are in your life and how you manifest. Through her work with horses, Stacey has learned, and taught many, that horses will tell you the truth and help you realize that your intuitive nudges are not ‘all in your head’, but are your soul’s whispers.

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stacey-j-warnerAbout Stacey J. Warner:

Stacey has spent her life studying self-realization and transformation to reach a place where she can now assist you in finding your own inner guidance, gut instincts, and intuition. Stacey has been working with clients for the past five years and has learned that transformation doesn’t come without a real look and connection with the Self. She lives a life guided by Spirit and goes where she is called.