Success in Life Through Mind, Body & Soul Balance with Keilyn Goatley

Everybody can be happy, abundant and successful in life. In this episode we will talk about how honoring your body and loving yourself will help you to get all you want out of life -from a rockin’ bod to a crazy successful business.


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About Keilyn:


Keilyn Goatley works from home as a health and lifestyle coach. She is a certified personal trainer, has her diploma in nutrition, Bachelor’s in psychology and is currently working on her Masters. She is passionate about and dedicated to helping others find their balance in mind, body, and soul in order to help them live their best possible lives full of happiness and success. And, while I personally haven’t met Keilyn in person, I have connected with her over Social Media and my experience of her is of her positivity and bravery. And, I say she is brave because she is open and willing to set a real example of what a healthy body looks like. So many times, many people that are in the health and fitness world put these unrealistic expectations up of what we should look like and they coach someone towards this when really the secret is about pride and self-love.