Identifying and Breaking Your Patterns with Deb Acker

In this episode, Deb talks about what a pattern is, define some of the most common patterns she sees in her work and walk you through how to start to break some of your patterns. Why is it so important to undo our patterns and what does it truly mean to live a life that’s true for you?

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About Deb and Truth Talk Radio:


Truth Talk Radio, hosted by Deborah Acker, is a bi-monthly radio show that illuminates truth to a wide range of topics including love, life purpose, career and consciousness. The show helps listeners bust through old patterns and brings them into the space of true infinite possibilities to help them see life, love and oneness from a new perspective.

On the first and third Wednesdays of every month, Deborah interviews a new guest who talks about one thing they want to bring truth and light to and how they see that changing the world. The show leaves the audience feeling lighter, more open and in new levels of consciousness and truth.

About Deborah –
Deborah Acker is an Intuitive Life Coach & Energy Healer and a Blogger for The Huffington Post. She helps super successful women clear energy blocks to all areas of life, including love and abundance (two of her favorites!), to open to the world that’s calling them outside of the office, a world where they’re owning and living from their truth every day. As part of this, she’s helped women create tens of thousands of dollars without changing anything in their work routine, stop attracting the same type of person over and over, and open to their soul’s calling.

Through Deborah’s own journey, she has come to recognize how important truth really is, and she knows the pain of conforming to other people’s rules, putting others’ needs before your own, pretending everything’s ok even when it’s not and not honoring yourself for fear of rejection or even worse, total annihilation.

She also knows what it’s like to come out on the other side.

Things that have shaped Deborah’s truth journey – her parents’ separation at 2, the loss of her mom at 17 and the knowing that she deserved to bring her dreams, her desires, her true truth to life.

This has meant:
Stepping out of the Corporate World.
Creating the love of her life.
Traveling to every continent.
Conquering her fears.
Living life with no regret.

She now helps others do the same.