You are The Healing (So Follow Your Heart) with Erin Diedling

Have you pounded the pavement, taken the classes, gotten the credentials and still are searching? Look in the mirror. You being the core you is everything! Your heart has been whispering to you. It’s all in there. You are the healing.

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About Erin:


Erin Diedling, M.Ed., LCPC, SEP is a clinical psychotherapist and founder of Loft Counseling, PC in Chicago. She is a Somatic Experience Practitioner, a psycho-biological treatment for trauma and anxiety. She treats complex trauma, early developmental and attachment issues, eating disorders, anxiety, couples, artists and more. In addition, Erin is an intuitive reader/healer and does healing work with clients around the globe.

She grew up in New Orleans where she became aware of her ability to perceive energy from a young age. Erin claims that love and connection are her greatest tools for helping her clients. She has a passion for “the impossible” happily uses her gifts to help people worldwide connect to their hearts’ desire and then helps them clear dysfunctional patterns, and then get into the flow of their own unique creative energy. She helps people get in touch with their intuition, joy, truth, consciousness and spirit. She specializes in helping individuals, performers, groups and organizations to clear energy-dense blocks. “I’m so blessed to do what I love. I get to see miracles every day.” Erin writes, paints and dances in Chicago.