Life and Life as a Twin Flame with Dio Vesselinov

What are twin flames? Is there such a thing and if so, how do you identify yours? With something like this, what is the relationship to your soul? Join us today as we talk about twin flames, soul mates, life and everything-in-between.

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About Dio:

Dio Vesselinov was born on Oct 6th, 1973 in Sofia Bulgaria.
In his native country, he learned astrology, energy healing and occultism in his 20’s. In 1998, after marrying, he emigrated to the USA in 1998. He has two children, Jessica, 17, and Michaela, 10.
In 2014, after becoming a writer, he met his Twin flame, and started teaching and helping other twin flames. Since then, he has written over 300 quotes, and 100 publications helping soul relationships and twin flames.